Reddit Launches New Updates For Its Advertising Platform, Including Bid Recommendations

Reddit Launches New Updates For Its Advertising Platform, Including Bid Recommendations

Reddit continues to refine its advertising tools with a new update of its ad creation platform, including bid recommendations, enhanced editing features, and improved system performance.

First, on bid recommendations – now when you set up your Reddit ad campaign, the dashboard displays a recommended bid price to ensure optimal audience reach, based on the settings you you have chosen.

As you can see in this example, now when you choose your audience, Reddit’s system will also provide an estimated bid that it will likely cost to get the best audience results with your campaign.

It is similar to the audience and cost estimation tools available on other platforms (in particular Facebook

), which provide additional guidance to help you optimize your campaigns, or set more realistic performance expectations, based on comparative metrics.

Of course, the platforms ideally want you to spend more, so you should always conduct your own experiments as well, in order to complement this advice. But it can help improve the performance of your Reddit ads by highlighting this element better.

On top of that, Reddit also rolled out an improved mass edit process, which allows advertisers to update bids and budgets on multiple ad groups simultaneously, while making various improvements to the system to maximize efficiency. .

“Load times with the updated dashboard are now 2 times faster than before”

As noted, over the past few years Reddit has made an effort to refine its business offerings and showcase its large engaged audience as a more lucrative and attractive option for branding. Once considered a wild corner of the web, the platform has cleaned up many of its most controversial communities, while he also continues to add more tools to reach Redditors when they are most active in the stream.

He even updated his tagline – what was once “the first page of the internet” is now “dive into anything”.

It’s hard to say if this helps to better describe what Reddit is for and increases its appeal to ad partners, but perhaps by moving further away from old associations the platform can expand its push into new business territories. .

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