Real-Time Bidding (RTB): How Does It Impact Your Advertising? [5-MIN Breakdown]

Real-Time Bidding (RTB): How Does It Impact Your Advertising? [5-MIN Breakdown]

Real-time bidding is often mentioned alongside programmatic advertising, but do you know what role the protocol plays in your ad buying? Time to bust all the myths around RTB!

The REAL real-time bidding isn’t all that difficult to comprehend:

In the most simple terms, Dmitry Chebakov, the product owner at Epom DSP will guide you through the ABCs of RTB: While real-time bidding has been a game-changer in the advertising landscape, you’ll be surprised at the confusion around what people think it actually is:

Get answers to these and several other frequently asked questions about RTB:

🔹 how RTB works and how is that different from header bidding;
🔹 how SSP, DSP, and ad server are interconnected;
🔹 why you should care about using real-time bidding in your advertising strategy;
🔹 how exactly you can set up an RTB campaign for your business.


0:25 What is an RTB
0:43 How does RTB work?
1:24 Is RTB the only way to get traffic programmatically?
Other Programmatic buying methods:
1:34 Private Marketplace (PMP)
1:52 Fixed-price Programmatic
2:02 Preferred Deals
2:13 RTB vs: Header Bidding Difference
3:50 Benefits of Using RTB & Programmatic for Brands and Ad Networks
3:55 Efficiency
4:08 Advanced Reporting
4:22 Performance Optimization
4:32 Inventory Quality
4:55 Price Optimization

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