Profile of the Community Manager.  Know their skills and competencies

Profile of the Community Manager. Know their skills and competencies

Not just anyone can be a community manager. But yes, any community manager must gather a series of professional competencies and skills that will help them to carry out their functions effectively and efficiently.

Today we are going to detail which are the technical, managerial and social competencies and skills that define the profile of a good community manager. Some of them are essential and others are desirable.

  • Creativity. In most cases, there are no financial resources to carry out large actions in social media. That is why it is very important for the community manager to be creative and know how to propose novel and notorious actions with little financial investment.
  • Modesty. The community manager is nothing more than the spokesperson for the brand or company on social networks. You should not express your personal opinion or manage social networks as if they were your personal profiles. You must know how to assess and respond to all opinions with cordiality.
  • Assertiveness. As valid are the favorable opinions as the criticisms. So you will have to accept them with assertiveness, neither being indifferent nor aggressive.
  • Empathy. You must know how to put yourself in their place of consumers because it is, within the company, their voice.
  • Patience. It is frequent that the clients of the brand or the company turn to social networks to express their anger. The community manager must be patient and respond or solve their complaints or criticisms, and if it is not in their power, refer them to other ways to solve it.
  • Organized. You will be performing several tasks at the same time so you must know how to prioritize and manage your time.
  • Resolutive. Knowing how to answer correctly is more important than doing it quickly. But the community manager must combine speed with giving the best response to users.
  • Autodidact. The best school to learn digital marketing is the medium itself. A good community manager must know the news that are published in the main blogs or digital marketing sites, be aware of what social media experts share or publish in blogs, forums, social networks … or the news or updates that they present periodically the main digital marketing tools.
  • A tech freaky. A community manager is a social media addict. His work does not know schedules and that is why his profession ends up being his great passion and hobby.
  • Know how to work in a team. As we have already seen, the digital marketing team is made up of different professional profiles. They all work under the direction of the digital marketing manager. That is why they must work as a team under the same direction to achieve the best results.
  • Leader. He must know how to lead the communities he manages, achieve the greatest possible interaction from users and make it grow.
  • Moderator. As a good leader, you should encourage conversation, maintain cordiality among all users but also moderate possible crises.
  • Common sense. Many times, given the novelty of this profile, you will be faced with unforeseen situations, and you will have to know what the best response is at all times, using common sense.
  • Good spelling and writing. It may be unnecessary to say so, but you must know how to express yourself correctly and with excellent writing skills.
  • Know about the topics of marketing, advertising and communication of the company. You cannot live oblivious to the different marketing, communication and / or advertising actions of the entity, as you will need to know them to carry out your social media strategy.
  • Know and know how to use social networks, from a tactical as well as a strategic point of view. Social networks are constantly updated. They frequently incorporate novelties or new functionalities that the community manager must know and know how to incorporate into their professional performance.
  • Experience in online communication. Training and enthusiasm is just as important as experience. And this experience may have been acquired in other projects or in the management of the personal brand of the community manager himself in social networks.

Do you want to add any more skills that you think the community manager profile requires? Do you think any of the exposed ones is necessary? Let us know.

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