Prestashop online store design with bonus hours of maintenance in web development

Prestashop online store design with bonus hours of maintenance in web development

Featured product: Prestashop online store design with bonus hours of maintenance in web development

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The design of your Prestashop online store more updated than ever!

Create a Prestashop online store This is one of the best ideas to be able to sell more on the Internet. Trust that your store will be open 24/7, accessible from anywhere.

It is a way to give visibility to the catalog of your products in an attractive and functional way for customers. The customization and configuration options of the online store design make Prestashop a really effective tool to increase the profits of a business.

Easily manage your orders and stocks thanks to the development of electronic commerce!

Have a Web development made with Prestashop This is a great advantage at the management level, as it has a user panel from which you can upload products, manage warehouse inventory and manage your customers’ orders. Another of the great advantages of Prestashop Web Design.

In addition, the platform that provides the CMS Prestashop It allows customers to make payments from the same web page, as it is compatible with the most widely used payment gateways in e-commerce.

The advantages of Prestashop online store design

Our company Web development provides you with different plans depending on the needs of your business, depending on the volume of content or products, as well as the languages ​​requested by potential customers. Prestashop, being a CMS, can be administered by a user without programming knowledge, which leaves freedom to the person who will manage the store.

All of our plans include great benefits:

  • Web design depending on the model chosen by the customer.
  • Implementation of payment methods (Visa, Paypal and bank transfer)
  • Content presentation (navigation menu and sections)
  • Graphic design of the main animated cursors.
  • Integration with social networks.
  • Contact form.
  • News subscription form.
  • Website compatible with different browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
  • Web design sensitive, optimized for viewing on mobile devices.
  • Creation of products and categories, according to plan.
  • Carriers and IPL module.
  • Sitemap generation, basic configuration of Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
  • Optimized blog.
  • Configuration of brands and manufacturers, according to plan.
  • Implementation of promotional codes.

Prestashop web design plans

These are the plans that we have thought for your business, in case you need some customization you can consult all your questions with our web development company without engagement:

Does your Prestashop online store need maintenance?

It is possible that after a certain time from the delivery of the project online store design You need support to run the store, or you need a change in design or functionality. Our web development company offers you bonus hour packs that you can use if needed, with no expiration date. Their great advantages are that they represent a significant saving in relation to the cost per hour of unit programming, in addition to the fact that your request will be treated as a priority.

Through the bonus hours of web maintenance You can ask us for all kinds of tasks such as: updating and improving pages, sections, modifying content or uploading products.

The maintenance hours bonus of the Prestashop online store

You can choose the one that best suits your business requirements. You can also contact us if you are not sure which one is the best fit.

What are you waiting for to increase your internet sales?

See the terms of Prestashop web design plans.
Rent one of our Online store design plans in our store!
Buy one of our Prestashop web maintenance bonus in our store!

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