Podcast: How to Make Decisions – LauraRibas

Podcast: How to Make Decisions – LauraRibas

Do you have to make a decision and it is difficult for you to choose because you are afraid of making a mistake and regretting it?

Or maybe you are an undecided person?

The truth is, making decisions is difficult. The very act of choosing is to say yes to one thing and say goodbye to another. And of course, what if it turns out that later on you realize that what you rejected was precisely the right option?

Choosing and making decisions takes a lot of energy and the more you put off the decision, the worse it gets. It’s like having a stone in your shoe. It’s there, it bothers you, it doesn’t leave you alone, it takes away your peace of mind.

Of course, deciding involves taking responsibility for the consequences, and that can weigh heavily.

Sometimes we wait for things to fall under their own weight and release ourselves from that responsibility, but no decision is also a decision, often with worse consequences.

So in this new installment of my podcast, I’m sharing with you some practical tools and exercises to unravel your decision and stop wasting your time, which is life after all.

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