Podcast: How to beat impostor syndrome

Podcast: How to beat impostor syndrome

I’m worried.

There is an evil that ruthlessly affects the vast majority of small business owners and its effects are devastating.

The main symptoms are:

  • Sense of unworthiness (to charge better prices, media attention, recognition, opportunity and success in general)
  • Intrusive thoughts that lead them to believe it is a fraud or that they are not good enough.

But worst of all, you take these symptoms to the extreme of self-sabotage.

It’s horrible …

People who in my eyes are extraordinary people, full of talent and tireless workers who each deserve the euros they earn and who should surely charge more for their products or services, energize their possibility of success with bad decisions or with limited attitude and action.

The effects are devastating because they go blind!

And it is that, despite the external evidence of their competence, those who suffer from this evil remain convinced that they are a fraud and do not deserve the success they have achieved.

It is a condition that prevents them from progressing efficiently and quickly towards their goals.

The ailment they suffer from is called impostor syndrome and I would dare say that you are probably also one of those affected, am I correct?

Otherwise, you’re in luck! But if you feel unidentified, I invite you to listen to my podcast this week where I talk in depth about this problem and where I share practical tools to help you deal with this blockage.

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