Pick of 10 Free Marketing & Sales eBooks You Can’t Miss

Pick of 10 Free Marketing & Sales eBooks You Can’t Miss

Continuing education is essential for all sales and marketing professionals, and to help you we have developed it. compilation of free marketing and sales ebooks that we think you shouldn’t miss.

These marketing and sales ebooks that we present to you below are developed by different companies that we consider to bring a lot of value to their content, since they share their direct experience and all their knowledge completely for free. We hope you enjoy them!

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Towards a data-driven world (the art of measurement)

As they tell us The art of measurementIt’s not uncommon to find companies that make significant investments in technology to organize and store data, but they struggle to leverage their analytics.

For this reason, we found it interesting to include this ebook in our selection. There you will find information on topics such as new digital analytics ecosystem, the data analysis process O customer analysis, among others.

free ebook marketing and sales the art of measurementAccess the free guide here

Email marketing in 2021: trends and perspectives (Digital Response)

Does Email Marketing Still Work? This is a question that many people ask themselves, and to answer it we consider that this report of Digital response it can be very helpful.

In this ebook, drawing on their experience as an agency specializing in email marketing and that of other professionals in the sector, they discuss the Email marketing forecasts and trends we can expect in 2021.

free ebook e-mail marketing digital response

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Social Media Trends Report 2021 (Hootsuite)

The events of 2020 have had a great impact on our lives on all levels. But how has this influenced our behavior as buyers? And how can brands adapt to meet the new needs of their customers?

This is all what they want to answer Hootsuite With that report with the trends that we will see in social networks in 2021. To prepare it, they had the response of more than 11,000 respondents and the knowledge of specialists in the sector, after which they were able to foresee 5 trends that must be taken into account.

free ebook marketing and sales hootsuiteAccess the free guide here

Complete Guide to HubSpot and Its Features for Your Business (InboundCycle)

Surely you’ve heard of HubSpot, but you’re not sure what it is, or you may even have a contract license but feel that you have a lot to learn to take advantage of it.

To help you solve all your doubts, from InboundCycle we have created this comprehensive guide on HubSpot and all the features that can benefit your business results.

ebook free marketing hubspot inboundcycleAccess the free guide here

How to work on influencer marketing (IEBS)

As the digital behavior of consumers has been affected by the events of the past year, companies are forced to seek solutions and implement actions that help them to be on the same platforms as their customers. .

This is where influencer marketing plays a huge role, and since then IEBS digital school They provide us with this free guide in which they tell us about topics such as types of influencers, how to find them or how to create an influencer marketing strategy.

ebook influencers marketing free iebs

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Examples and recommendations for creating good Facebook and Instagram ads (Vilma Núñez)

Designing and launching online ad campaigns with ads that really convert is one of the big issues that many businesses face, and Vilma nunez wants to solve it by sharing this ebook for free with examples of effective ads on Facebook and Instagram that will inspire you and with which you will learn better tactics for your campaigns.

free sales marketing ebook vilma nunez

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Complete Guide to Automating Your Business (HubSpot)

Automating processes in marketing, sales, and customer service departments can have a very positive impact on your team’s productivity, without causing problems for your customers and prospects. But how do you do it?

HubSpot provides us with this free guide in which it covers topics such as the benefits of automation, what processes can we automate or how we can start doing it.

free ebook marketing automation hubspotAccess the free guide here

Are online advertising and inbound marketing compatible? (Adsmurai and InboundCycle)

When implementing an inbound strategy, one of the main concerns for businesses is how long it will take to see the first results, due to the long term nature of this type of strategy.

This worry can be avoided by activating inbound online advertising campaigns. Do you know what it is and how to combine them? We recommend this guide that we have developed in collaboration with Adsmurai, in which you can meet how inbound advertising and online advertising can complement each other to achieve the results you are looking for.

free ebook inboundcycle marketing and sales adsmurai

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The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on email marketing (digital response)

Do you want to know how the COVID-19 crisis has affected email marketing?

Since Digital response carried out this study through surveys of companies with different profiles, in which I know gather the information you need to get an idea of ​​the situation and the months to come. In it, aspects such as sending frequencies, all communications, results are analyzed … I’m sure it will be very interesting!

free ebook digital response marketing

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HORECA Sector: Practical Guide to Social Media Marketing for Restaurants (Cool Tabs)

The HORECA sector is one of those most affected by the current situation, and social networks have become a fundamental tool to reach our users. For this reason, today it is more important than ever to work on a good social media marketing strategy with clear goals.

So if you are in the restaurant business, we recommend this guide to Cool tabs it will help you connect with your potential customers and deliver better products and services. There you will find information on how to create a social media plan, content, design and delivery tips, real-life examples and much more!

We hope you enjoy the reading and that this compilation will help you supplement your reading and knowledge about marketing and sales. Would you like to recommend another eBook that you feel is relevant to our community? We continue in the comments!

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