Pharmacy website: what should it contain?

Pharmacy website: what should it contain?

Pharmacy website

Whether you are (finally!) Considering setting up a website for your pharmacy, or if you already have one that you consider outdated and want to update, I will comment on a few cool sections you should include to improve it. your customer’s experience. Remember, this will be your virtual meter.

The classic sections (who we are, services, contact, blog) should never be missing. I take this opportunity to advise you to devote your time to describing your mission and vision as a pharmacy, as well as your value proposition. This can be the deciding point where a customer who visits your website opts for you.

These are also some details that include the websites of the top pharmacies in the digital landscape:

Online consultation

The digital customer service

Today, it is one of the pillars of the relationship between pharmacies and their customers, and it is also increasing its role and power more and more. If the customer needs help or information, they should find the option on your website to request it easily and comfortably, and they should receive a quick and friendly response.

The customer expects to be served by digital channels if you are present there and must perceive the involvement of your pharmacy to enhance their experience through small details: courtesy, interest in meeting their needs, willingness to help. .consult the online pharmacy

Express order

Ditch the idea that a pharmacy website is just for those who do e-commerce. There is an alternative that will also have the customer drop by your pharmacy, giving you the chance to meet them (“the real success of Communication 2.0 is to end up shaking hands at 1.0, where things are and are happening. “).

You can offer the option of ordering through the web by sending a message and picking it up at the pharmacy without queues or waiting. Adding the option that the customer wants you to notify them when the order is ready is worth it given what we have mentioned to make their experience sublime throughout the process.

express order pharmacy


Getting visits to your website or blog is great, but if they don’t convert we are wasting a very valuable opportunity (sell, get listings, get downloads …) If you have also encountered this issue on your website, there is a non-aggressive way to fix it: pop-ups.

A pop-up window is a pop-up window that appears on a web page:

pop-up farmacia

It should be a pop-up window that is not intrusive, does not interfere with playback, and really adds value to the user, such as downloading content of interest or some other benefit.

In order for our pop-up not to be seen as aggressive by readers, it should only appear when the user goes to the X to exit the page.

All these actions described so far are used to generate leads.

A prospect is a user who has given you their data, and therefore becomes a record in your database with which the pharmacy can interact. For this, it is also necessary that this person has accepted the privacy policy of the pharmacy. Remember that on May 25, the new European data protection regulation comes into force and that you will have to adapt the processing of the data you collect to it.

Quick access button (immediate!) To your social profiles

If you’ve started out in social media posts, you’ll know what it costs to work on content, gain followers, and get your audience engaged. So why waste a single opportunity to market your social profiles, both in the online world and in the physical pharmacy?

It includes clearly visible buttons to directly access the profiles of the social networks in which your pharmacy is present. Thus, the user will not have to leave your website to search for you on the networks, nor to imagine with which avatar you will be there, because often the name of the pharmacy does not coincide with the one that appears on the networks.

pharmacy social buttons

There are pharmacies that even advertise them on the front page. Of course, for this we have to be a little proud of what we do in them, lest the result be counterproductive, as the effect that neglected social networks can have on our users can be devastating.

social media pharmacy


There is no longer any doubt that a pharmacy should have a website and a digital presence. Stop and think about the suspicions raised in you by a company that you are looking for information from and that you cannot find anything on the internet. Doesn’t that make you think he might not be up to date in his knowledge either?

Neither the new EU data protection regulation nor the fear of technical ignorance should be an excuse for not having a pharmacy website to be proud of that faithfully reflects what you already do in the world. physical.

Remember to always keep in mind the regulations of the Autonomous Community in which your pharmacy is located, in terms of promotion and advertising of the pharmacy and its website.

Strive to bring originality and put the user at ease on your website, and above all take advantage of this new way of opening your pharmacy to the whole world.

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