Pharmacy followers: do you connect with your audience or collect contacts?

Pharmacy followers: do you connect with your audience or collect contacts?

Pharmacy Followers: What do you offer them?

Some time ago the pharmacy understood that it had to adapt its assortment of products to the needs of its public and not the other way around. That is to say, it was useless to make a purchase from the laboratories in the best economic conditions if later the product remained without leaving because the public neither demanded nor needed it, no matter how much interest was put in the recommendation.

The same happens with the content that we offer through our online communication. It is a priority to know our audience before launching ourselves to publish content that for us may have a lot of value but that does not arouse any interest for our audience.

Make an effort to know your audience through the information you obtain with tools from the offline and online world and you will connect digitally with it for sure.

Pharmacy Followers: How to connect with your audience?

Know, interact, study their interests and take care of the relationship, these are the keys.

1.- Write an original data collection form

There is no way to connect with someone if you don’t know them.

To know our audience, it is not enough to collect data on sex, age and geographical area.

Forget about the traditional and boring data collection forms lacking in information of interest and replace it with one from which you can extract valuable information, for, for example, making adequate segmentation when sending your communications.

Make an effort to know such unique things as:

  • Personal aspects: Hobbies, people who influence your decisions, what makes you happy, what are your goals, what are your motivations, etc.
  • Online behavior: What social networks do you use, if you buy products online and what type, where do you look for information, how often do you do it, what are your reference pages, what hours are you online, if you read health blogs and which ones, etc. .
  • Relationship with our pharmacy: What do you know about us, why do you buy or visit us, what do you value most about us as a pharmacy, what interaction you have with us, what you miss, etc.

If we were aware of the richness of all this information, we would not consider all the work required to collect this data to be a waste of time. But it is that any value relationship requires being willing to offer something as valuable as our time 🙂

2.- Link sales to the customer

This allows us to know our audience based on their buying habits, which will allow us, for example, to make an adequate segmentation when sending our newsletters by email.

Thus, if you do a workshop for a certain cosmetic brand, you can invite consumers of that brand who have purchased during the last 180 days, through a newsletter that will never be invasive, but quite the opposite.

And remember that not everything has to be commercial communications. How do you think you will make a mother or father feel concerned about the information that has appeared about the Isdin child sunscreen that they have bought from you if they receive a message of reassurance in their email? Well that, we connect with those who make us feel special because they care about our tranquility. But in order to do so, you have to register the purchase in its history.

The email opening rates are much higher when we carry out this type of segmentation for the sending of our communications than when we launch mass mailings to our entire audience, which also causes a greater number of cancellations of our mailings because we tire our public.

It is very important that you let your team know the importance of this gesture. It is one more step when closing a sale and many times the rush at the counter or laziness makes us overlook something that does not take us time and that provides a lot of information.

3.- Follow them on social media

Comment and share the content of others, of the accounts you follow.

Go beyond the like or recommendation that requires minimal effort. That doesn’t strike a chord with your client; commenting and sharing on the contrary, shows interest and involvement in their publications. Doing what you like to be done to you is nothing more than that.

And if you manage to make your interaction elicit a response from your contact, you will have already connected digitally!

Be subtle in your comments and of course never take the opportunity to put an advertising wedge from your pharmacy in them. The real world etiquette must be maintained in the digital environment.

It has always caught my attention that an account with so many followers both on twitter, Facebook and Instagram, such as @elblogdepills, is always aware not only of responding to the comments made by its followers on its publications, but also of commenting and recommending account posts to which it follows. This is called caring for the relationship.

You can extract a lot of information about the interests of your followers through the accounts they follow on social networks. It takes hard work, but the rush at the counter often leaves no time for this level of knowledge about our customers. Thus, you can get to discover his fondness for a sport by following accounts related to it, which will offer you an opportunity to present your sports orthopedic products or sports supplements.

Be attentive to the likes and comments that your audience makes to your publications, this will also give you an idea of ​​their interests.


Knowing, interacting, being interested in their hobbies and motivations, taking care of the relationship, are the keys to succeed in the task of connecting with your audience. Nothing different from what happens with interpersonal relationships.

I recommend not obsessing over the size of the audience and striving to connect and establish value relationships with them, as illustrated by this photograph that I love! (Source: MarioLunaNK)

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