Pharmaceutical infographics: are they part of your content strategy?

Pharmaceutical infographics: are they part of your content strategy?

Defining the content strategy is a fundamental part of any digital marketing plan, and it should be included in a publication schedule that reflects both the frequency of publication in each social network where the pharmacy has a presence, as well as the type of format it is used with. that we will share content (video, post, computer graphics, images …).

Pharmacy infographic

Computer graphics impose themselves on other content formats thanks to its ability to transmit information, by combining image and text in a very visual way, and being both easily consumable and shareable on social networks.

The user, in general, pays more attention to information arranged in images than in thick text. We are all aware of this if we remember our student days and how the information we retained through the diagrams was more relevant and lasting in time and in memory.

In contrast, infographics are shown to be shared three times more on social media than any other type of content. The consumption of video and image format content is much higher, and infographics are a part of this popular visual content.

Internet is an absolutely visual medium where this format fits perfectly. In social networks, posts with good images generate more interactions than those that contain only text. Perhaps for this reason, infographics are so successful.

This is even more relevant in our healthcare industry where simple information presented in text form can be so overwhelming and difficult for our patients to process.

How to start designing infographics

Are you not a design expert? Nothing happens, we just have to be designers as well. With these simple steps and a little practice, infographics can be part of your pharmacy’s content strategy for success:

  • Plan the content you want to include in the infographic
  • You can use an infographic maker like canva
  • Search the web for inspiration or start using templates that adapt to the content you want to share

Design is the great asset of computer graphics, it is essential that it is attractive and that it is able to clearly convey information.

Think about your audience and grab their attention with captivating details and varied colors. Use minimal text to explain something.

I present to you my first infographic that I designed to dare to tell you about the subject in this post (I never talk about anything that I have not experienced). It only took me 20 minutes to summarize all the content of my first message


pharmacy infographic

How to give visibility to your infographic

An essential component of any infographic strategy is its visibility, and you can achieve this by making the content public on your website. We must not miss any opportunity to develop our pharmacy brand and our reputation as professionals.

If you have a blog on your drugstore, you can post an infographic as if you had posted another post. This way, you will take advantage of the authority and traffic platform that you already have on your blog to make your infographic visible. Make sure to add social sharing buttons to your site so that users can post your work to their own networks.

Don’t forget to label them. It will be a way to find you through them when a user does a search related to the topic they are dealing with.

Also, using social media to promote your infographic is a great way to increase traffic to your website and get readers to share your work. Remember, infographics get three times as many “likes” and are shared three times as many as any other type of content.

Pharmacy infographic: who to follow

Here are some examples of fellow pharmacists who use infographics as a basic tool for disseminating their content. Following them can inspire you to create your own, and also, and why not, you can share theirs on your profiles. Providing quality information to our patients, even from other sources outside of us, gives us great credibility as professionals.



Pills blog includes infographics in their posts, which are shared widely on social media and have great interaction. Even the Civil Guard shared on its Twitter an article dedicated to what to do in case of being trapped in the car by the snow. Although not a predominantly pharmaceutical subject, it gives an idea of ​​the dissemination that your blog can give to be aware of the news and to write sporadically about it.


Providing a variety of formats to our audience when delivering our content makes our social profiles and blog more interactive and sites more attractive to browse. Why not dare to infographics?

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