Pending issues that I want to tackle or complete during the summer

Pending issues that I want to tackle or complete during the summer

Now is the time to get down to business with some issues. During the summer of this year I want to attack or finish some who can not wait any longer.

Time flies when you’re having a good time. The last few months have gone by too quickly. You barely realize it and a week has passed. You wake up again and it’s already the start of a new month. This is why it is useless to talk about the problems, but you really have to tackle them.

Tool for investors

Here we are making remarkable progress in recent days. Last Friday I saw the first interface. I have little left to have a first version that I can show investors that I already have (my brothers). It will be a pleasure to have the total profit obtained in a few clicks. I have already set aside your investment in another bank account so as not to be tempted to continue investing with this money.

Business purchase and / or resale

There was a change of plan with the theme of the buyout of a company for 1 million euros

. The founders of the company want to take a different path from that initially mentioned 1 month ago. There is still a good chance of getting a good deal in the short term as they always have the intention of wanting to go out. I think if I could present you with a short term trade you would be tempted to sell.

Launch your own product

We have found a person within the team who will take over. For now, the problem is already ongoing. We contacted the first suppliers to seriously tackle the problem. I already said we were gonna do it But until you do, you haven’t.

A new warehouse in Germany

I have already moved but I realize that the space available despite its generosity will not be sufficient for the ambitions we have. I have to take the step to find an additional warehouse near my home so that I can continue to invest in Lego. With each purchase I make, I am getting closer to the limits of space.

All this will be done before and after my holidays that I will take yes or yes. The same tomorrow I share with you the vacation plan that I will follow to continue with all my routines. This way I already think about it until the end as I translate it into a new post.

Stay tuned.


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