Patience is a whole story

Patience is a whole story

Today, I must tell you something about my life as an entrepreneur …

I am rather impatient by nature.

Patience and me, that’s two!

And yes, because when you are an entrepreneur, you often have a high pace and we want things to go fast.

In this podcast episode, I tell you two stories that happened to me that taught me a good lesson. They talk about

Patience VS requirement

I invite you to transfer the lessons from these stories to what you are going through now and remember that all that is right takes time.

You who integrate (directly or indirectly) in your work the invisible, the law of attraction or the spirituality however it is, you know this very well: the requirement on the result does not work.

Letting go and patience are essential when leaning from near or far on the Universe.

Yes, you can have confidence in Life and the To-Come 🍀

Here are the links to listen to the episode:

Roots in paradise · Patience is a whole story …

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