Optimizing Facebook Ads Campaigns, Step by Step

Optimizing Facebook Ads Campaigns, Step by Step

Businesses, marketers and curious, if you come looking for strategies to optimize your campaigns on Facebook Ads, You are in the right place. In this article, we give you the keys so that, through Facebook Ads, you bring your brand to success.

Campaigns in Facebook Ads: the strategy step by step

Social networks have acquired a great importance in our daily life. Have been permanently connected on our smartphones, checking profiles, groups and brands that share their content.

Facebook has become in recent years one of the channels with the most traffic on the internet. For this reason, as a business it is important to know the vein of social media and the possibilities of reaching potential customers through them.

At Neoattack, we tell you step by step how to optimize your Facebook Ads campaign for social media success.

➡️Set an achievable goal

To optimize the strategy of your Facebook Ads campaigns, the first step is to set up measurable and realistic goals.

To pursue these goals, it is necessary to establish an action plan with the steps you will follow to make this campaign a success.

Facebook Ads makes our job easier, because as soon as you enter the Ads Manager, it offers a range of measurable goals so that you can choose the best fit to your strategy:

  • According to recognition: brand recognition and reach.
  • According to consideration: traffic, engagement, app downloads, video playback, lead generation and messages.
  • According to the conversion: Conversions, catalog sales and company traffic.

➡️ Audience segmentation

It’s time to design the buyer persona. In other words, do you imagine the ideal audience and adapt each type of ad to the interests of each group.

Segmentation is very important because if you show our ads to users who do not see them as engaging content and are not potential customers, you will be spending money with no benefit. However, an attractive, effective and well-targeted message will bring you better performance and results in your campaign.

For example, sex, age, income level, education, purchasing habits, occupation, marital status, geographic location, are some of the features to consider when optimizing Facebook Ads campaigns.

➡️Create attractive ads

At this point, you need to take into account the choice of content, tone and, most importantly, Facebook’s advertising policy.

📲 Content and tone: Ads should be designed in the correct tone and length, neither too short nor too long. Be creative and attractive, but without forgetting the message you want to convey, and make it clear. Indicate and invite the potential customer to take the next step, making sure the destination address is correct.

To optimize your Facebook Ads strategy, it is important put hashtag, exclamation points or emojis to make text more visual and showcase ideas.

📲 Facebook Advertising Policy: On the other hand, with regard to the advertising policy, when you launch the ad will pass a review. If Facebook considers that it complies with all advertising policies, you will receive an email confirming your approval. Otherwise, changes will have to be made.

In your Facebook Ads campaign optimization strategy, you should keep in mind that the social network penalizes grammar and spelling mistakes, adult content. And finally, you cannot refer to user attributes: Take your gender identity, race or ethnicity for granted …

📲 Pictures and videos as crochet: In the creativity of advertisements, images and videos are very important because they are very appealing to users and can be a good hook to get them to click. They have to adhere to the brand personality, what you want to communicate and it has to be quality. A bad image on Facebook will be a bad image for your business.

➡️Include a call to action

If you have a nice and attractive ad, but without Call to action, your visitor may not know what to do. Although the message is clear, you must communicate directly to the user what you want them to do: contact you, request more information, make a reservation, click on a link …

Should understand your invitation and be able to do it quickly and easily, with a single click.

➡️Create a community: branding and inbound marketing

For the optimization of your Facebook Ads strategy, this is very important make a good branding of the brand. Some business accounts make the mistake of constantly posting e-commerce ads on Facebook. They only focus on selling and not on whereprovide valuable content to the user so that he feels interested and it is he himself who comes to you and not the other way around.

On the other hand, you can support in Facebook Ads a good branding strategy where you can reinforce your brand image, your identity stamp. And that the public sees you and identifies you quickly.

➡️Budget management

When optimizing the Facebook Ads strategy, it is necessary make a good preliminary study of the available budget, as well as a series of conditions that you must take into account to distribute the money you have available and that influence the entire campaign: number of ads that can be made, campaign duration, placement of ads, auctions, etc.

Likewise, to optimize Facebook Ads campaigns periodically monitoring and modifying data is essential advertisements that do not give the desired results.

➡️Test ad groups

This point is very important to optimize your marketing campaign. Through the test technique, we can achieve excellent results. It consists of launching two announcements with a variable, this can be the copy or picture. And measure the results to see which of the two is doing better. It should be a simple test for the data to be measurable and you should not be in a rush to make changes until the results are conclusive.

By following these guidelines and giving free rein to your imagination, you can make Facebook your best online sales channel.

If you want to learn more about marketing campaigns, networks, content and more, visit the blog of Neo-attack, to become experts.

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