Opportunities that may offers you

Opportunities that may offers you

A new month has begun and new doors are opening. These are the main fields that I see interesting and that could deserve your attention.

May is being a complicated month. You may still be surprised that I say it because I have actually been sitting at the computer for only a few minutes. Already yesterday on Sunday I was thinking that I did not really want Monday. They are being intense weeks of work and mental fatigue is inevitable.

Strengthen mental health

Even or especially when things are going well, it is important to stay motivated. Only if you keep pushing will you be able to stay on the right track. Your head and with it mental health is the most important thing you have. There is no reward for feeling the alarm go off and the first thing that comes to mind is “great, a new day has started.”

Anyone can have a downturn but it is important not to let it last too long. When I notice the change it is a clear sign that I am in a very early stage of burning out. If at this point you keep pushing too much you quickly enter a red zone. I’ve already been there and it’s not nice. It’s okay to take your foot off the pedal and slow down a bit for a while.

Invest in Pokémon cards

I admit that the jump to this topic is a bit abrupt. Unsurprisingly Pokemon is getting a bit chilly. Some card prices have dropped a lot. It is still early to invest but at least if you are interested in the subject you have to be attentive. I continue with my strategy of investing in more valuable cards although it is true that I also make smaller investments in auctions if I see that a good offer comes out. Right now it is being a buyer’s market although there are still letters that are achieving record prices even at this stage.

Search for new projects

Let’s be honest. Summer has practically arrived and it is the only really good month to attract new projects. In June they will all be with plans for their summer vacations (although this year is a bit different) and it will be more difficult to find new clients and projects. In my case, it is decided this month if my biggest project continues or if May is the last. I see more chances that it will continue until the end of the year and beyond although it is good to have a plan B on hand. Luckily I am already covered at 70% in case it does not come out. Whatever happens I have already done my homework previously so I am not too worried. It would be nice to continue with 120% from now so I will have to get down to work to make it the case.

A new month and with it new opportunities. It will depend on each one what they get from the time we have. Let’s see what we will have achieved in 4 weeks.

Stay tuned.


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