obtain business opportunities with little investment

obtain business opportunities with little investment

Over two million advertisers worldwide use Instagram each month. It is a social network that continues to grow and the number of active users is increasing. As a result, it became one of the best social networks to reach the desired audience with little investment. In addition, since Facebook and Instagram use the same advertising platform, Facebook Ads, it is possible to use common targeting criteria between the two.

The aim of this article is to explain the benefits of using Instagram Ads, but most of all show you why this is one of the best options if you want to get business opportunities with little investment.

What are Instagram ads?

Instagram Ads, or advertising in Instagram, is the platform of advertisements in the form of videos or images on the platform to reach a target audience using different criteria of segmentation pre-established when creating the ad.

The goal is to invest a certain amount of money, which you can also set, to offer certain content to people whose interests are related to him.

The way to advertise on Instagram Ads is the same as on Facebook, since the same platform is used, Facebook Ads, which has made it one of the largest ad management platforms, with millions of active users.

Benefits of Instagram ads

Facebook Ads

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, following the takeover of Instagram in 2012 by Facebook, the two platforms started to manage your ads together using Facebook Ads. The main advantages of this merger are:

  • The possibility of launch simultaneous campaigns omnichannel on both social networks.
  • Collect data on the same platform.

Take advantage of public, both from Instagram and Facebook, to segment and optimize well-categorized campaigns.

Advanced segmentation

How Instagram Ads Got Them options segmentation Advanced from Facebook, we may use criteria such as age, gender, location, position, interests, etc. to direct us to the perfect profile.

In addition, the Facebook pixel can be used to create similar or similar audiences, that is, with behaviors or characteristics similar to people who have already interacted with our website or competitor audiences.

High level of engagement

Instagram is one of the platforms with the most engagement Currently. On average, posts get 4.21% engagement, 58 times more than Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter. In view of these data, we can expect a good feedback on the campaigns we run compared to other platforms, as long as we do a good segmentation and our ad is attractive to our target audience.

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Other interesting facts about Instagram ads

But that’s not all. Instagram Ads is a very powerful tool, and below I will tell you some data that you will surely find more than interesting:

  • the 61% of organizations have invested in Instagram, which is also the network in which they invest the most.
  • 58% of companies increased your investment advertising on Instagram Ads in 2020.
  • It is the social network that grows the most year after year, especially among those under 40. In fact, Instagram is the most used social network by Gen Z and the second most used by Millennials.
  • Instagram, along with WhatsApp, is the most widely used social network, ahead of Facebook.
  • It is the third most used social network to search for information before making a purchase, preceded by Facebook and YouTube.
  • It is the platform most used by users follow influencers.
  • Instagram is the most valued platform by users, with 8.8 out of 10, according to the IAB Estudio RRSS study.

instagram audienceImagen: Hootsuite

How much does an Instagram ad campaign cost?

The price of advertising on Instagram Ads depends on the budget we are willing to spend. The platform allows us to establish a daily budget so that, once the limit is reached, the ad is no longer displayed, or create a budget for a set of ads to be displayed for a defined period of time.

Keep in mind that the real price, that is, what Instagram will charge us for each result obtained, will depend on different factors: competition, audience segmentation, product or service promoted. That is to say, according to the campaign objective. Based on these factors, it will cost us more or less to achieve the goal we have chosen for the campaign, which, mainly, is divided into the following:

  • Recognition objectives:
    • Brand recognition
    • Scope
  • Consideration objectives
    • Circulation
    • Interaction
    • App downloads
    • Video views
    • Lead generation
    • messages
  • Conversion goals:
    • Conversions
    • Catalog sales
    • Circulation
  • Skill. Depending on the industry, there may be other advertisers trying to position or sell a product similar to yours. If this happens, the cost per goal (traffic, engagement, video playback, app downloads, etc.) is likely to vary.

Segmentation. This is one of the points that can most influence the price of advertising on Instagram Ads. Segmentation allows us to be as specific as possible to the audience we are targeting. The more we reach the profile we want to achieve, the more likely we are to achieve the set goal, but the price of each print will also be higher. Many people make the mistake of creating a more generic audience to gain more reach, at the risk of impacting people who are not interested in the ad.

Instagram audience profileImagen: Hootsuite

How much to invest in Instagram ads?

As I commented previously, the amount of money to invest in Instagram ads depends on your budget and different factors that can influence the price of your campaigns. It is only after activating the campaign that you will be able to know how much it costs you to reach the set goal.

For example, if your ad continues goal of driving traffic to a page, you should divide the cost of the campaign by the number of visits to your page across the countryside. Or if your goal is to get downloads, you will need to divide the cost of the campaign by the number of downloads. This way you will know what is the average amount you need to allocate to achieve your goals.

The other most used metrics are cost per click (CPC), cost per thousand (CPM) or cost per lead (CPL), among others.

We will therefore have to do tests to determine how much our Facebook Ads campaign will cost us according to our objective.

Let’s see this with an example:

Imagine you have one landing page in which you offer a demo of your product and you discover that after having carried out a campaign to obtain registrations in said tier, the price per registered person is 3 €. In addition, out of 100 people registered, 5 end up buying the product at 150 € after taking the demo:

  • 100 people registered x 3 € for each person obtained → 300 €
  • 5 people buy the product x 150 € product price → 750 €

In this case we see that we invest € 300 to obtain enough records so that, taking into account the final conversion (5/100 * 100 = 5%), we obtain profits: € 750 – € 300 = € 450 of profit.

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Tips to improve your Instagram Ads campaigns and reduce costs

Use geolocation

the posts with geolocation get 79% more engagement, according to a study by Simply measured in which more than 6,000 posts on Instagram have been valued. For this reason, it is recommended that you use the location if it provides information relevant to the post.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are another element that, when used correctly, help organize and promote content. Indeed, 7 out of 10 hashtags are branded, that is to say they include the name of a company or one of its products.

Photos or videos?

We are used to the fact that in recent years audiovisual content has become the king of publications. In this regard, an analysis carried out in 2019 showed that photos have 28% greater reach than videos. Similarly, according to the Instagram Intelligent Report prepared by Olapic and L2, static images got 36% more likes compared to videos. However, The Instagram report conducted another study whose data positioned video as the best format for driving engagement.

average number of comments x post

It is true that videos require greater involvement and that Instagram was born as a photo-sharing platform. Therefore, in this case, it is better perform tests with both formats to assess which of the two best matches the audience we are impacting and, based on the results obtained, decide which one to improve.

When to publish

There are many studies from different sources that show different times of the week to publish posts or activate campaigns in Instagram ads. In Spain, the best days to post on Instagram are the Monday, Sunday, Friday and Thursday. Regarding schedules, it is recommended to 3:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m. from 9:00 p.m. 10:00 p.m..

Even like that, the best way to know when to post on Instagram is to go to the “Audience” section in statistics of the platform. For this, it is necessary to have a company profile. This way, you’ll get a graph with the days and times your users are most active, to get an idea of ​​when to impact your target audience.


The digital world is changing rapidly and social networks are sensitive to these changes. In recent years, Instagram has become one of the most used platforms And currently it is the one on which most advertisers are betting the most. However, every year new social networks are created and sometimes some capture the attention of users causing a change in the percentage of people who use the app (as was the case with Snapchat).

Therefore, we can say that Currently, Instagram is one of the best platforms to advertise online., but we still need to be aware of changes in active audience (age, gender, interests) to make sure our target audience is in the social network we’re investing in.

Regarding the price of campaigns in Instagram ads, it is important to take into account the factors mentioned above:

  • Choose the right social network
  • Create good segmentation
  • Test and apply adjustments to optimize campaigns
  • Choose the lens that best suits our needs

And ultimately, take advantage of different formats and different features may have a direct impact on how our ads perform on Instagram Ads and, therefore, in the price. And you, how much money do you invest in Instagram ads? Are your campaigns profitable on this platform? I would love to read your experience in the comments.

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