Niche social networks or alternatives to improve your connection with the audience

Niche social networks or alternatives to improve your connection with the audience

The phrase already says it: busy roads end in saturated terrain. Betting on the most popular networks does not always have to lead to success, and doing so will not be without shedding blood, sweat and tears.

Given this scenario, the smartest option is to dare to explore noise-free networks in which to connect with your audience with less effort. Channels where yes, maybe there is less audience, but also less competition, and therefore, your content may have greater visibility than they may have on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

We call them niche social networks because they tend to be less generic networks, either because they are oriented to an audience (gamers, podcasters, designers, passionate about reading, etc.) or very specific activity. Let’s get to know some of them!


If Behance and Pinterest had a child, that would be Dribbble

, a virtual community for designers where they can make their work known and be inspired by that of others. At first it was only possible to access it by invitation of someone already inside (the old trick), but now you can enter without any problem. Maybe you are not a designer who wants to publicize his work, but if you are a brand that takes special care of design in everything it does, it may be a different way to win over your audience.

what is twitch

The gamer social network par excellence, because although other types of live content are beginning to proliferate (web development, drawing, podcast), 90% of the views belong to live video games. In 2019 Twitch almost reached the same viewers as the BBC in the UK, but beware, its community is very critical of brands that do not adapt to its ecosystem.

what is

Sister cousin of Twitch, its purpose is practically the same: to offer a tool to gamers and artists to be able to do collaborative live streams. Other difference with Twitch It is your property, because while the first is right now in the hands of Amazon, is the bet of 21st Century Fox to enter the video game market.

Curious Cat

what is curious cat

The improved version of and above, of Spanish origin! Curious Cat has made very good friends with Twitter, as many of its users use it so that their followers ask them questions anonymously and then share the answers on their timeline.


what is tiktok

As we already explained to you what is TikTokYou are surely wondering why we continue to consider it a niche network with how much its popularity is growing. To this day, it is still a challenge for brands at an organic level and that means that those that are overcoming the barrier of having to humanize themselves to be part of the social network are having very good results with very little effort. He couldn’t stay out.


At home they define themselves as “The world’s most beloved narrative-based social world platform.” Out of romanticism, Wattpad It is a very good opportunity to publicize narrative texts, since its community amounts to 80 million users neither more nor less. In addition, with the collaboration of channels such as Hulu, Syfy or Sony Pictures, there is the possibility that your stories end up appearing on the big screen.


What is steemit It can be difficult to understand at first, since its main key is the use of cryptocurrencies (called steems). Users can upload and share their content with the entire platform community, who should assess whether that content is good or bad. For every positive vote, users get steems, with its corresponding economic valuation in the market.


Nextdoor was born so that you can know everything that happens in your neighborhood, both commercially and from neighbor to neighbor. What do you need a ladder? Don’t you know which is the best bar in the area? Has the babysitter let you down at the last minute? At Nextdoor you can solve these doubts with the help of your neighbors. With this orientation, it can become especially useful for SMEs that seek to make themselves known in their environment.

what is toky video

One of the most recent on the list, it is basically an alternative to YouTube, since the upload and consumption of video is its main purpose. Of course, if you have videos already produced, it may be a good idea to upload them to this platform and test what happens, because as we announced at the beginning, the absence of competition is undoubtedly one of its main advantages right now.


what is slideshare

Linkedin property, Slideshare is a social network to share knowledge (especially professional) in presentation format. Its most widespread use is secondarily, as a platform where you can upload the support materials of the presentations that you have been able to make in public so that they are available to all, however it can also function as a post repository in presentation format that does not have necessarily shared live. Its social character comes from the possibility of forming debates and asking questions about the content in the message space of each presentation.


what is ivoox

A network both for podcast fans and for all those who dare to produce their own podcast. On Ivoox You can upload, share, download and comment on all kinds of podcasts for free. Also, like almost all social networks today, the more podcasts you consume on this platform, the more accurate their recommendations will be.


what is house party

The application that rose as the savior of the quarantine during the Covid-10 crisis. His recipe for success: video calls with the possibility of games. Can an app like Houseparty be a social network? Of course, yes, the fact that it is private does not stop you. Proof of this are some uses like the one Ron Barceló has done, using them through his head influencers.


The empire of Carlos Rios it does not have an end. After observing the behavior and doubts of his community of realfooders, he created MyRealFood, an application where they could not only know if a product is real food or not, but also what makes it a social network: share recipes free of ultra-processed foods.

what is only fans


Niche social network that is popularized mainly in response to censorship on Instagram. In exchange for a subscription of € 10 per month, you can access exclusive content from different users. Organically this social network has turned to a higher content +18. But hey, in any case, it is not the first time that we would see how a social network begins to be given a specific use and its use is gradually expanding.

As you may have imagined, these are just a selection of the niche social networks in which we find a good opportunity to take advantage of, but this is a live post, so don’t lose sight of it. Who knows if the next time you go, you can find the right alternative channel for your brand.

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