New tools to attract customers in the pharmacy Pharmaceutical Marketing

New tools to attract customers in the pharmacy Pharmaceutical Marketing

By Aina Miquel

Like many sectors, pharmacies have had to adapt their marketing strategies to the online medium, a medium that more and more customers use for information, entertainment and shopping.

Today we are going to talk about four essential tools to attract and retain customers in a pharmacy:


Who does not have a profile on any social network? Social networks continue to be one of the best ways to publicize a business such as a pharmacy. They are a perfect tool for gain visibility, tell what you do, provide useful information to customers, as well as give advice, and even win new customers. Having a presence in them is the best communication channel that can be established with customers. To properly manage social networks, the following points must be taken into account:

❖ Select the appropriate social networks where to have a presence: Today there is a large number of social networks; Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitter… But you don’t have to face them all, but be present in those that best fit your pharmacy office and your audience.

❖Create consistent profiles: Social networks are the showcase of your pharmacy, so you must take care of your profile and image so that it is consistent with the values ​​and references of the pharmacy.

❖Share quality information: To get the attention of customers (new or not) you must share information of interest to your followers; talk about issues related to the sector; promote your parapharmacy products and special services, hold raffles …

Social networks give you one and a thousand opportunities to reach your customers!


Surely throughout the day you receive at least one email from a store where you have ever bought. Email marketing is the advertising that is carried out by means of sending through email. In the last decade, email marketing has become a very important means of communication from which you can consider creating mailings to acquire new customers, strengthen relationships with current ones and retain them, increase sales, generate trust, inform about something new, etc. .

But… How to make an email marketing strategy? The primary basis to start with is having a good and organized customer database, to which you can send promotions on products that you know may interest them, discounts, information of interest about new products, among others.

One way to get relevant customer data is through loyalty cards, where the pharmacy can collect data such as name, sex, date of birth, email …; to better know the customer, segment it and make email marketing strategies.

Then, What should you keep in mind if you want to make a good mailing strategy? You should send mailing only when you have quality and useful content for the user, do not oversaturate with promotional information from the pharmacy. And finally, a good personalization and a “Subject” that hooks so that the receiver opens the email and reads the content.


Today we are 24/7 chatting with friends, colleagues and family. The use of WhatsApp allows us to be connected immediately with all our contacts. And why not have WhatsApp in the pharmacy? The use of WhatsApp in pharmacies it is focused on informing, advising, booking and helping customers, in no way can it be used to encourage the use and consumption of drugs. Something very important when using WhatsApp in the pharmacy, is that the clients and patients can reserve or consult if you have some products, but in no way can the transaction end up for sale.

Communicate directly through WhatsApp with the clients of the Pharmacy!

WhatsApp allows the pharmacy to offer a immediate service and ensure that the customer does not go to another pharmacy to look for the product. You save him time and make him feel important, see that you care about him trying to get what he needs. In addition, it allows you to help, build loyalty and give advice quickly, which is why it turns out to be a close communication channel between pharmacy-client or client-pharmacy.


Content marketing is a strategy focused on attracting potential customers in a natural way, from relevant content that is distributed in the different channels and digital media in which the audience is found. The content marketing strategy can bring different advantages to the pharmacy, such as improving its image, creating closeness and trust with customers and improving the positioning of your website (if the pharmacy has one).

What does it take to do good content marketing in the pharmacy? The first thing to have is the well-defined target audience, it is essential to know what the target to establish the type of content you are going to create, the tone and the most appropriate platforms / social networks to disseminate it. And secondly, the content to be published. This must meet the customer’s expectations at the level of form (brief, clear and that adds value) and substance (be original, relevant and of quality), and the expectations of the pharmacy at the level of objectives (loyalty, notoriety, attracting new customers). It is not about sending messages with the aim of selling, but about add value to the customer, approach him and establish a relationship of trust.


Due to COVID-19, pharmaceutical laboratories have been forced to accelerate their digitization, as well as to use new platforms and tools to adapt to society and the environment. The marketing departments of pharmaceutical laboratories know consumer trends to meet their needs and be able to take action with pharmacies to help them boost their sell-out and digital transformation.

From the pharmaceutical laboratory, there are different actions to help pharmacies in their digital strategies:

Make laboratory-pharmacy collaborations in social networks or on the laboratory website itself. Example: Do a live on the pharmacy profile with or on the laboratory’s website, put 5 pharmacies every week where customers can find the products and the website if they have one.

Through the social networks of the commercial delegates.

Create digital content for pharmacies Example: A video explaining the benefits of a product.

Give away samples and gadgets to pharmacists to encourage the sale of the product and make promotions on the pharmacy’s website and / or social networks.

Do trainings and / or events to pharmacists about a product to motivate them so that they can convey the right message to customers.

Give free courses to pharmacies every x time Example: How to manage an Instagram profile, Google Business, pharmacies and social networks …

To conclude, it should be noted that there are new tools that constitute an excellent opportunity to improve the visibility and sales of pharmacies through digital marketing.

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