My most important sources for lead generation and customer acquisition

My most important sources for lead generation and customer acquisition

Today I am going to give you an overview of how clients enter me today. Those who frequently read this blog shouldn’t be too surprised.

It is not the first time I have touched on the subject and it may not be the last time. Over the years things change. My sources of traffic to attract clients have changed a lot compared to my beginnings. At the beginning 100% of my clients came through the blog. It was “practically” effortless because all you had to do was post frequently. The thing had no greater secret at the time. Now there is a lot of competition out there and many bloggers who add much more value to their blogs through super-mega-guides on any subject where in the end you can always hire a hosting …

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My businesses for which I capture leads

Today I have a series of different businesses for which we capture leads with greater or lesser intensity. We are in a situation where I can allow myself not to push so hard in this regard and that is where the danger lies. Everything is fragile and a client you have today can be lost tomorrow. This post also serves to increase efforts in this regard. It is always good to have a plan B and C.

  • Market size– This is the youngest business and the only one that loses money every month. It is normal because the investment to develop a SaaS tool is considerable. We go at our own pace and within our means. Little by little, step by step.
  • Beguerrilla Agency: here we have large and small clients. In Spain we have focused on Amazon services. In Germany they are also Google Ads and SEO clients. We have yet to relaunch the agency’s website. At the blacksmith’s house …
  • Consultancy: I separate this point from the one above because it is something that only I can do today. It is the part that currently contributes the highest turnover apart from the Amazon business that does not appear on this list because we do not capture leads to sell.

Sources of leads today

For the three fields above we make use of different sources of leads. I detail them a little below.

  • Google Ads: Google Ads is a topic that I have touched on more in the last 18 months than Facebook Ads. You will be surprised by how much I have touched on Facebook in the past. To reach people who are looking for Amazon consulting and / or a tool, this channel is the one that generates the fastest results for us.
  • LinkedIn: I have already mentioned it in the past. Whoever hasn’t gotten the hang of LinkedIn yet is taking time. It is a very good channel for generating business. In recent months I have received very attractive proposals around here.
  • My blog: before it would have been in the first position but now for reasons mentioned above it is no longer as dominant as before. The conflict is also that what would be an ideal client for me does not happen here. This blog reaches early-stage entrepreneurs with small to medium-sized businesses. It is not my target audience because it still does not pay for them to hire me.
  • Collaborations with influencers: This is also a new channel that we are exploring. Do not expect very fast results and less if you are B2B like us. It is a way to diversify and be in many places at the same time. It is the basis for someone to hire you: trust through familiarity.

There are no surprises but I wanted to summarize what I am doing right now in terms of attracting leads. Hopefully you have also learned something.

Stay tuned.


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