My 7 sources of online income for 2021

My 7 sources of online income for 2021

Today, I reveal all my sources of income online and share other sources of income and investments.

online income sources

the affiliate marketing this is my main source of income. It adapts to the freedom I was looking for when I started doing business and that is why it is the system that generates the most income.

These are my online income sources main:

  1. affiliate marketing: represents 60% of my turnover. Recommend various tools like accommodation, email marketing tools, SEO, third-party courses at Hotmart, particularly by email or Amazon products. i try to create Amazon Affiliate Stores and enter other niches.
  2. My online courses: They represent 20% of my billing. Of y from Hotmart.
  3. Sales Links: Represents 5% of my billing. Mainly on and they contact me directly by email although I am registered on some platforms like Publisuites or Coobis. I am currently being paid up to € 1,800 for a link.
  4. Face-to-face and online courses for masters: I am a professor of the Master of Entrepreneurship of Sergio Fernández and of the Master of Personal Brand of Luis Ramos. Also with retreats for entrepreneurs. They represent 5% of my billing.
  5. Marketing consultancy: They represent 5% of my billing. I try to do little.
  6. Sponsors: They represent 4% of my billing. It bothers me to negotiate and look for sponsors and that’s why I prefer to use the affiliate more or promote my courses directly.
  7. Sell ​​my books: They represent 1% of my billing. Both digital and online. I mainly use them to help people and work on my personal brand.

To all this I have to add the income I receive from the rent of a house that I have in Madrid and the investments I make in crypto-currencies which you can see in this video:

And the most important thing is to buy what you really need, to find good deals and learn to live and enjoy what you are going through minimalism.

What sources of income do you have?

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