Multimedia content, an editorial necessity |  Wearethewords

Multimedia content, an editorial necessity | Wearethewords

For a unique discursive identity, your editorial intelligence must be plural… Words, yes, but without forgetting multimedia content!

The internet is on the move. The dance led by the giants of the web, Google or Facebook, asks it is up to each company to constantly adapt to hit their target. If there are still a few years, a simple blog and some shared articles on social networks made sense, this is no longer the case today.

The present is in multimedia content. Multimedia because these contents must be broadcast on many media to ensure your presence. Multimedia because these contents must be different: offer sound, animation

Feedback on multimedia content

A brand can no longer be satisfied with a glossy communication. To think about her present and her future, she must to embark on all the dimensions of his speech

. Transaction, inspiration, relationship mingle intimately with all the formats that the web can offer us.

The obvious goal is the return. Or rather, the returns :

  • Back to Attention : all actions are guided by the needs and behaviors of the targets in order to reach them better.
  • Return on Effort : all actions are guided by smart objectives, progressive and accessible performance indicators.
  • Return to Content : all action is guided by a service-oriented and useful approach to content.

Multimedia content and recycling

“Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”. Lavoisier’s famous phrase is to be used by all those who think that the best is new. Always the new, the unpublished, the start of nothing. Nothing is less true: we must be able to show economy and recycle its contents.

Recycle your content requires adaptability, certainly. And an knowledge of formats, as well as a good dose of creativity. It’s a real strategy that it is necessary to be able set up upstream, at the first creation.

It would be a question of mapping, upstream of the creation, all the media you communicate on, and all the formats you use. This mapping will allow you:

  • of better organize your information search and business content
  • of segment themes, to decline them
  • of win time, finally

Charters and discursive identity

If the multimedia content establishes your discursive identity, your brand as a medium, it is necessary for all that be pretty clear on how to get there. This clarity is provided upstream through highly strategic work : the definition of charters, guidelines.

  • Your editorial charter dictates the languages ​​you will use.
  • Your graphical charter dictates the graphic universe that you will adopt.
  • Your semiology study the meaning of the images you will share.
  • Your sound charter dictates the audio tone you will apply.

To this work is obviously added an editorial calendar, which will include content and formats.

Multimedia content as an example

“I interview the director of a nursing home. This interview will last 30 to 45 minutes. I ask her as much about the company for which she works, as about the daily life of her retirement home and about specific actions, such as pet therapy. I record the interview, both the sound and the image. ”

From this interview, I can:

  • write a long article, raw, in report form.
  • create one or more audio interviews, namely texts with incursion of words. As I asked her on different topics, I can have three different contents.
  • design an interview long videos, or capsules, oriented for example HR or more advertising.
  • reuse the words of the director in verbatim.
  • develop an infographic on the daily life of a retirement home.
  • edit a short video, à la Brut, on the benefits of pet therapy.

The idea is therefore to vary the formats, short, long, dynamic or static, audio or video… With the same source of information. And like ” the message is the medium“, By changing the medium, you send many additional messages to your targets!

And why not, in the future, again use this content in a white paper on non-drug therapies, in a podcast where specialists in the field of nursing homes intervene … Recycling, more recycling!

Do you want to see more clearly about the creation of your multimedia content? Interview, computer graphics, audio capsules … Do not hesitate to Contact us, We can help you !

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