“Mom, I’ll take you to the theater”: solidarity on stage thanks to the charity initiative

“Mom, I’ll take you to the theater”: solidarity on stage thanks to the charity initiative

The solidarity initiative was born to celebrate Mother’s Day “Mom, I’ll take you to the theater” in support of Ronald McDonald Foundation for Children with the support of Leo burnett.

Until May 9, it will be possible to buy and give a ticket for the play “Leonardo, what a genius!” offered in collaboration with the Teatro dell’Elfo and the digital platform OnTheatre, to watch and gaze from the comfort and privacy of your home

It’s been a very special show since part of the profits will be donated to Ronald Houses and Ronald McDonald Family Rooms, present on Italian territory to offer hospitality and assistance to sick children and their families during the period of hospital treatment or therapy.

“Mom, I’ll take you to the theater”

“Leonardo, what a genius!” is a work dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci that will accompany viewers in a three-dimensional universe through the pop-up scenography of the book designed and performed by Elena Russo Arman, who plays the role of storyteller on the path of the brilliant artist. Young and old they will experience the main stages in the life of the greatest man of the Renaissance, immersing themselves in a magical world, full of art and know-how, wisely captured by the camera.

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I would like to sincerely thank the Teatro dell’Elfo in Milan for this initiative to celebrate all mothers. For the Foundation, the mother is a model of courage, dedication and sacrifice as well as a stimulus to strengthen all our reception programs with the aim of contributing to the improvement of the health and well-being of children and of the whole family.

Says Maria Chiara Roti, Director General of the Foundation for childhood Ronald McDonald.

The purchase of tickets and viewing of the show will take place on OnTheatre platform through it connect. The user will have 28 days to activate the link and view the broadcast. Once activated, the link will last 8 days during which children can view it as many times as they want.


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