Marketing campaigns |  The best dates of the month April

Marketing campaigns | The best dates of the month April

The highlights of the month of april do not miss for boost your communication. In this article, a new Women’s day (yes, another one!), a gluttony hunt, a day of laughter and an eco-day. Four events on which we will focus with, as a bonus, some good advice so that your marketing campaigns become relevant and effective.

And don’t forget, communicate covered! Because in April, remember, we do not discover a thread!

International Joke Day – April 1

You might as well start the month of April with laughter, jokes and jokes. This is precisely what this day offers. So let’s have some fun!

The origins of April 1

According to legend, Charles IX would be unwittingly responsible. Everything is gone, when the King of France, decided toharmonize all calendars of the Kingdom. It must be said that at the time, depending on the region, the year began at Christmas, for some, at Easter, for others and finally, for some subjects, on March 25. So, pto get everyone to agree, in 1564 he signed theedict of Roussillon which started the year on January 1st.

However, communication is not what we know today, some parts of the country did not hear about the change. They continued as if nothing had happened, to give each other gifts… in the spring. To make fun of them, we started to give burlesque and funny gifts on April 1st.

Another version, undoubtedly more realistic, has come down to us. It has its source in antiquity. The 1st of April, was a day dedicated to Laughter god. We took the opportunity, among others, to To make jokes. Recovered by the Romans, this date would have crossed the ages, to be still, nowadays, good humor and jokes sign.

The SNCF and RATP marketing campaign?

This highlight is generally conducive to creativity. And it must be said that the advertising agencies do not missimagination.

This was the case for this SNCF campaign which invited travelers to participate in this day with the hashtag #BoutEnTrain:

Same story for the RATP which every year does not hesitate to play with the names of these many metro stations :

RATP marketing campaign April 1

Why do we like these campaigns?

Obviously, because it is funny and subtle. On this somewhat special day, it is advisable to choose the tone of humor and derision for your communication strategy.

Play on the visual. Do not hesitate to retouch photographs. Or if you master video editing, to make very short films that you can insert into the functionalities of social networks (Reels, Stories, Fleet, etc.).

The whole thing being to find the right idea, all this, in an offbeat tone. Beware of messages that may be misunderstood. They would be counterproductive and hinder your efforts.

Easter Eggs – April 4, 2021

Here is an appointment not to be missed. For adults and children. Who has not, once in their life, taken part in an egg hunt?

The story of Easter eggs

There is not one story, but thousands. Depending on the country where you live, customs and traditions may change. In France, the origins go back to the Middle Ages when, at Easter, we used to decorate edible eggs. It was not until the 19th century that chocolate makers had the good idea to imagine eggs made of sugar or chocolate.

An inspiring invention

It is probably more a inspiring idea qu’an advertising campaign. But that deserves, no doubt, that we dwell on it here.

You had to think about it and the artist Logan Needham did. Aware that it is very difficult for visually impaired children to enjoy an egg hunt, this American had the good idea to integrate a sound transmitter into fictitious eggs. Clever and generous.

Sound Easter Eggs

Why do we like this idea?

L’inclusion people with disabilities must be a daily struggle. All the more so when it concerns children. Giving those suffering from blindness the opportunity to enjoy the joys of an egg hunt is essential. Giving them a smile and happiness is essential.

For your campaigns communication, the hunt is on. Hide eggs, for example, on your website. Start a game to catch them all. Offer to the person who discovered the precise number of eggs, a hen in… chocolate.

Suggest to your community a photo contest with pictures taken during a real egg hunt.

Turn an explanatory tutorial to make a large Easter egg with your children.

It must be, you will understand, a strong moment, to share and enjoy with the family.

Digital Women’s Day: April 17, 2021

We all know March 8, which we talked about in one of our previous articles Marketing Campaigns | The best dates of the month of March declared as International Women’s Day. Note that in April, another date honors the fairer sex.

Goals for Digital Women’s Day?

Initiated in 2013, this day’s mission is to move the lines in the digital world. It was initiated by Delphine Remy-Boutang, founder of “The Bureau”, an agency specializing in consulting in digital strategy.

During this meeting, when sanitary conditions allow it, conferences and meetings are organized to influence and encourage women to reveal themselves, to create, to innovate. In a way, another women’s day, but this one, plus 2.0.

Digital Women’s Day also has its rewards : the Margaret Prize. It rewards the most innovative and dynamic women entrepreneurs in Europe and Africa. Little novelty, this year, a junior entrepreneur award has been added to the selection.

Maybe taking inspiration from Delphine Remy-Boutang. An energetic woman carried by strong convictions and who knew how to transmit an energy and a dynamism which makes that this day is now a high point in the agenda.

The opportunity is too good, to insert, in your communication, an interview an entrepreneur or a business manager. If possible on video. Face-to-face whenever possible or with a videoconferencing application. In a podcast, if you produce one. Or quite simply, by text, in an editorial. In a blog, a newsletter or why not on a Facebook post.

Attention, this content strategy requires good preparation upstream.

World Earth Day: April 22, 2021

Some meetings and highlights are organized throughout the year around ecology and sustainable development. Earth Day is one of the most important.

Origin of Earth Day

An initiative that does not date from yesterday. We owe it to a senator from Wisconsin in 1970. He organized a big demonstration for the environment, called “Eart Day”. As a result of this action, several laws were passed in the United States: protection of the air, water and endangered species. This resulted in the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). April 22 became a key date in the United Nations agenda.

There are many actions, mobilizations and awareness campaigns all over the world.

The marketing campaign of the organization “Jour de la Terre”

Why do we like this campaign?

Because it makes us aware of action, on a daily basis. Environmental issues are not the result of a single day. We have to adapt the right reflexes, the right habits every day of the year.

Perhaps by recalling in a series of posts, simple actions to protect the environment :

  • sort waste
  • Do not throw anything on the ground
  • Switch off your electrical appliances
  • Put a lid on each pan

To illustrate your communication, create coherent visuals. With Canva, it’s easy.

You are now armed to succeed in your communication in this month of April. Interact with your community and develop your sales.

Remember the pillars of a good strategy: creativity and authenticity!

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