Marketing Campaigns That Generated MILLIONS!

Marketing Campaigns That Generated MILLIONS!

What are some of the best marketing campaigns that made companies millions of dollars?! C’mon, you guys know the Nike Just Do It campaign! Or how about the Old Spice Guy campaign that completely changed the perception of Old Spice? Find out about the most successful marketing campaigns out there!

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Here are a few of the greatest marketing promotions ever!

11 – Got Milk? Campaigns
Awon Bwwwwrrrrrr!!! Who can remember that iconic ad where the poor guy coudn’t win 10k just because his mouth was full of his peanut butter sandwich?!
Sometimes ad teams are hired to sell sexy new products, cool gadgets, or hip brands. But sometimes they’re hired to sell milk. But really though, I’m wondering what the percentage of adults that drink milk is! Anyways, how do you really get people to drink more of something that most of the world already knows about?
Ad man Jeff Goodby found the solution with two ingenious words, “Got Milk?” The tagline’s origin was created as a result of a woman in a focus group saying that the only time she even thought about milk was when she ran out of it. Goodby scribbled his response, “Got milk?” and the rest is history.
One of the most effective marketing campaigns was born. A series of commercials and print campaigns capitalized on that anxiety, none better than the Aaron Burr bit. The campaign was effective to remind people to not get caught being outta of milk only after the cereal is poured.

10 – Budweiser: Whassahhhh
Whassahhhhhhhhhh!!! Beer brands have been doing bro humor forever, and it’s not gonna stop, because c’mon, who’s the target audience here?! Few campaigns have done it better than Budweiser’s “Whassup,” commercial with the catchphrase that set the standard for silliness that works. The campaign actually had humble beginnings. It was based on a short film called “True” by Charles Stone the third that featured friends and their unique greeting.
Later, they turned it into a Budweiser ad that first aired in late 1999, but it really hit the mainstream after it appeared during the Super Bowl commercials in 2000. The ad featured a few friends calling each other to see what they were up to. The commercial really kept played up the fact that dudes can quickly turn up and or turn down depending on the situation.

9 – Wendy’s: Where’s the beef?
This ad campaign is an oldie, but a goodie. “Where’s the beef?” was, and arguable still is, a catchphrase in the US and Canada. It originated as a slogan for Wendy’s, as they wanted to let people know their hamburgers aren’t just all bun! Since the ad campaign has launched, it’s become an all-purpose phrase questioning the substance of an idea, event or product.
The strategy behind the campaign was to distinguish competitors’ big name hamburgers from Wendy’s ‘modest’ Single by focusing on the large bun used by the competitors and the larger beef patty in Wendy’s hamburger.
In the ad titled “Fluffy Bun”, actress Clara Peller receives a burger with a massive bun from a fictional competitor, which uses the slogan “Home of the Big Bun”. The small patty prompts Peller to hangrily ask, “Where’s the beef?!”. One fun fact was that the original commercial was originally supposed to star a young couple, but the director didn’t find the concept funny and that’s when the iconic elderly ladies became icons.

8 – Metro Trains: Dumb Ways to Lie
How does a safety public service announcement for a local train company become the juggernaut of awards ceremonies, netting every creative prize going? McCann Melbourne’s “Dumb Ways to Lie” tapped into two elements that are loved almost universally: catchy music and cute cartoon characters. Add some really black humor into the mix and you get the beginnings of a cult classic.
Deliberately created to promote viral shareability, the ads featured adorable animated characters graphically meeting their fate in various let’s just call it, “interesting” ways. The song, recorded by Tangerine Kitty, went viral itself as well. Within 24 hours of its launch in November 2012, the “Dumb Ways to D1e” song reached the top 10 chart on iTunes, but the YouTube video was really the big star. It was also effective: Metro Trains noticed a 21% reduction in accidents and deaths on its network as a result of the campaign. .


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