Marketing Campaigns |  3 Dates and Ideas for the month of March

Marketing Campaigns | 3 Dates and Ideas for the month of March

The month of March has several dates that you can use to increase your sales or to engage your communities on social networks and thus increase your notoriety. In this article we will focus on 3 of these dates and on a example of a successful marketing campaign that might inspire you. You are ready ? Let’s go !

Grandmother’s Day: March 7, 2021

We start by talking about the grandmothers day, which is celebrated this year on March 7. Before talking about business, let’s do a little history and take a quick look at the origins of this celebration.

The origins of grandmothers day

Grandmothers Day was created in 1987 by the Café Grand’Mère coffee brand. This particular day celebrating our ancestors therefore actually has a commercial purpose. It spread over time and ended up entering our calendars.

Now let’s analyze a marketing campaign that used this holiday to increase their notoriety.

Vodafone’s “Sunday Grannies” Marketing Campaign

In order to promote its service and in particular the internet on mobile, Vodafone has developed a marketing campaign on Grandmother’s Day in Romania. This operation, called “Sunday grannies” Is simple.

2 grandmothers are quickly trained in social networks, then go to cook all Sunday, as usual. But thanks to their knowledge of Facebook and the Vodafone network, they can now share their recipes and dishes on the internet.

These sharing allow these isolated grandmothers to keep in touch with their loved ones and even to create contact with strangers. This campaign is a success, so much so that the Facebook page “Sunday Grannies” made the buzz until they became famous and had many visits, including that of local stars.

What we like about Vodafone’s marketing campaign

We are telling you about this campaign as an example because it is quite easy to set up and becauseit echoes the current situation, where many of our elders are unfortunately isolated because of Covid-19.

A similar campaign, using social networks to recreate a bond between grandmothers and their grandchildren could be very successful and highlight your business. The whole, in an approach of benevolence towards our elders.

Women’s Rights Day: March 8

Women’s rights day is the day after Grandma’s Day and it is true that managing 2 marketing campaigns so close together can be complicated. But this day is a must in March, it would be a shame for your business to miss it.

With good organization and planning all your content in advance, you will be largely able to manage these 2 campaigns. In addition to the pride of having managed it all without addicts, you should have good results for your business. So it’s worth it, isn’t it?

The history of Women’s Rights Day

First of all, let’s start with a little bit of history. The first big debate around this date is none other than its name! Women’s Day or Women’s Rights Day?

The official name of the UN in English is International Women’s Day, which can therefore be translated as International Women’s Day. But several countries, including France, preferred the name International Women’s Rights Day. None of these names are therefore false, but in our country it is better to talk about women’s rights.

The origin of this day comes from the many workers’ struggles and demonstrations of women at the beginning of the 20th century. In particular, they demand better working conditions, the right to vote and equality between men and women. The creation of an “International Women’s Day” was then proposed for the first time in 1910, without having a fixed date. It was only in 1917 that the date of March 8 was put in place, after the workers’ strikes in Saint Petersburg. However, International Women’s Day will not become a tradition all over the world until after 1945. This day will not finally be officially recognized until 1977 by the UN, then in 1982 by France.

A long process of recognition for this day of events around the world, also being an opportunity to take stock of the equality and inequalities between men and women.

The marketing campaign of the Ogilvy Paris agency

In partnership with several major media such as BFM, GQ, L’Express, So foot or even Konbini, the Parisian agency has a simple objective: make men experience street harassment. This experience is unfortunately lived by many women and Ogilvy Paris wishes to sensitize men to this cause. The agency then uses intrusive advertisements placed on partner media to bring this experience to men.

We leave you watch the video of this marketing campaign to understand its success.

Why do we like this marketing campaign?

We are telling you about this marketing campaign because it fits perfectly with the values ​​of the International Women’s Day. Indeed, it educates thousands of men to street harassment, all from a distance through the use of advertisements.

You can reproduce this campaign on your website adding some pop-ups, including a final one explaining your approach. To increase the impact of your campaign you can also talk about it on social networks with a specific hashtag. This will open discussions on street harassment, but also explain your marketing campaign and the presence of these intrusive advertisements on your site.

With a action marketing of this type, so you can gain visibility, improve your brand image, while engaging and by advancing a just cause. All in two stages: first with the pop-ups on your site, then by talking about your campaign on social networks by broadcasting, for example, an explanatory video, similar to that of Ogilvy Paris.

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Saint Patrick: March 17

Now let’s take a look at a more festive date, but just as essential during the month of March: the Saint Patrick !

The origins of Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick is originally the patron saint of Ireland. In the 5th century, he is the founder of Christianity in the country. According to legend, he explained the Holy Trinity using a shamrock. The shamrock and the color green have therefore become the symbols of this holiday and even of all of Ireland.

On March 17 the Irish around the world therefore honor theth anniversary of the death of Saint Patrick. In particular, there are parades, songs and dances, in the big cities of Ireland, but also internationally.

An example of a marketing campaign for Saint Patrick’s Day

Around March 17, there are many marketing campaigns and the color green is appearing more and more on websites and social networks. It’s up to you to also take advantage of this to boost your visibility.

One of the must-sees of Saint Patrick’s Day is the Instagram contest. Many brands are launching a competition for the best costume. To participate, all Internet users have to do is post a photo of themselves dressed up for Saint Patrick’s Day, identifying your company. Obviously you must offer them in exchange one or even more gifts, which will be offered to the most original disguises, or after a draw.

Saint Patrick costume

For increase the number of participants and include the most shy Internet users in your contest, for example you can accept photos of pets in disguise for the occasion. We also recommend that you create a specific hashtag that should be used by participants. This will give more visibility to your competition on the networks and therefore increase the notoriety of your brand.

Be careful, the mistake not to make is to post your campaign on Saint Patrick’s Day. To be efficient start promoting your campaign 1 or 2 weeks before March 17th, by programming several reminders until the d-day. This will leave your posts and advertising time to reach as many Internet users as possible, who will also have time to prepare their best costume for the occasion.

Why are we offering you this marketing campaign?

If we offer you this idea of ​​an Instagram contest, it is because the results of this type of campaign are no longer to be proven. Moreover, such a campaign is rather easy to set up and can be used by any type of business. You don’t have to be in the beer business to enjoy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Finally, an Instagram contest is available for all budgets. Your only expenses will be for the gift (s) offered to the winners and the advertisements for the promotion of your competition. Obviously, the higher your budget the more you can expect great results, but if it is put in place well you will be able to achieve more than correct results with a minimal budget.

You now have all the keys to launch 3 successful marketing campaigns during the month of March. You will take advantage of these 3 essential days to boost your visibility and increase your sales.

Now that you have marketing campaign ideas, we recommend that you read this article to know the 7 steps that will allow you to succeed in all your marketing actions.

7 steps to succeed in all your marketing actions

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