Marketing campaign |  The best dates of the month of May

Marketing campaign | The best dates of the month of May

The month of May takes on beautiful colors, a rediscovered sweetness and a few very pleasant public holidays. Without forgetting, some highlights to exploit in your communication strategy. On the program of this article: Labor Day, World Fair Trade Day, the International Day against Homophobia and to end the month well: Mother’s Day! A rich and varied program that should boost your marketing campaigns. Good reading !

Labor Day – May 1

Because we need to store energy at the start of the month, there’s nothing like a first day… not working! We must admit, here we are in front of a paradox. We celebrate Labor Day, on a day off! Well, we’re not going to complain!

The history of labor day

This day comes from the struggles led by workers’ movements at the end of the 19th century. Their claim? Obtain eight-hour workdays. Every year, le 1er mai, is the occasion for union parades, demands and a few strands of muguets in the buttonhole.

We will never walk alone

COVID-19 obliges, the traditions of May 1 are a little upset. So unable to pound the pavement, some union formations, rely on poster campaigns in print and on social networks. Last year, the FSU (the first teacher union federation in France), did not lack originality and creativity to defend the cause:

FSU poster for May 1st
FSU poster for May 1st
FSU #OneFirstMayLike Never campaign

Why did we like this marketing campaign?

For’adaptability demonstrated by this teachers’ union. For the relevance of the slogan and hashtags : #OnNeVasPasSeDefiler #UnPremierMaiCommeJamais.

For your part, drop union demands, a sensitive subject, into a communication strategy. Opt instead, for a highlighting of a profession or a company service.

Or why not, take advantage of the event to informer your community, the efforts made within your company in terms of well being at work. The opportunity to discuss CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

And know that there are no small efforts, but that of great effects !

World Fair Trade Day – May 9

The world fair trade day is organized every second Saturday in May. In fact, it is not a day that we are talking about here, but more than a fortnight of fair trade.

Why a World Fair Trade Day?

Supported by numerous awareness-raising actions, the objective of this highlight is to inform and sensitize, everyone, at responsible trade. It’s thinking about our consumption patterns. It means appropriating production methods that respect the environment.

An awareness and information campaign

2021 marketing campaign of the “Fair Trade Fortnight” collective:

Marketing campaign for the fair trade fortnight
Marketing campaign for the fair trade fortnight
Marketing campaign for the fair trade fortnight
Marketing campaign for the fair trade fortnight

Why did we like this marketing campaign?

These communication campaigns, these highlights remind us, each year, to mobilize ourselves to think about a more human future. To a more equitable sharing of wealth. Whether he’s on the other side of the world or down the street, it’s ensure a decent and reasonable price, artisans, producers. So that the latter can make a decent and decent living from their sale.

For your part, it’s time to highlight local know-how. The initiatives, in your region, of associations, organizations, stakeholders in these citizen consumptions.

Perhaps, you have concrete examples, within your company, which demonstrate a strong desire to engage in a responsible approach (local collaborations, purchasing of eco-responsible products, etc.). If so, it’s time to talk about it!

You can even go further and take part in the 2021 fair trade fortnight. A new opportunity to give meaning to your communication strategy.

International Day Against Homophobia – May 17

The fights against inequalities are legion. This is the case on March 8, with international women’s rights day. November 25 with, the international day against violence against women. And without forgetting, the international day against homophobia le 17 mai.

A daily struggle

Raising awareness, preventing, are the primary missions of this day. The choice of May 17, we owe it to Louis-Georges Tin, French activist, fighting all forms of discrimination. The first international day was organized on May 17, 2005, to mark, to the day, the removal of homosexuality from the WHO list of mental illnesses (it was in 1990!).

Highlights and events are organized in more than 60 countries around the world.

A marketing campaign to strike people’s minds

Communication campaign of the “Émergence” foundation:

Communication campaign against homophobia
Communication campaign against homophobia
Communication campaign against homophobia
Communication campaign against homophobia

Why did we like this marketing campaign?

Because she comes to us call back that in the 21st century, many countries in the world condemn, imprison, torture, people who have dared to assert their difference.

It is important to show your solidarity, your support against discrimination. So, May 17, edit your profile photos and insert the colors of the LGBT flag. Share communication campaigns organizations or associations fighting against homophobia.

The Émergence foundation also offers communication equipment (posters, leaflets, guides, etc.)

Mother’s Day – May 30

How to end the month of May in a beautiful way? Quite simply, by telling people that we love, that we love them!

The origin of mother’s day

If, already, in Ancient Greece or under the Roman era one celebrated some goddesses “mother”, it is well at the beginning of the 20ᵉ century that the tradition took shape.

For the anecdote, the village of Artas, in Isère, claims to be at the initiative of this day. The , a ceremony in honor of mothers of families took place. Of course, other actions and demonstrations have, for decades, made this festival so popular.

We have forgotten it a little nowadays, but Mothers Day, was the opportunity to receive, with great pomp, at the town hall, the mothers of big family. To them, the congratulations of the first magistrate, a medal of the city or some local products.

The large families having almost disappeared, Mother’s Day has become what we now know, that is to say: The opportunity toto offer and to please.

A marketing campaign, singing!

Interflora, once again offers us a nice marketing campaign full of joy and humor:

Why we liked this marketing campaign

Obviously for the very offbeat tone. This idea of ​​breaking the codes of Mother’s Day and the perfect mom. A video full of freshness where when the truths, at a certain age, are good to tell your child. And all while singing!

As you can imagine, Mothers Day, is to be underlined in red, on your editorial planning. This day is an opportunity to interact with your community. Here is a non-exhaustive list of marketing campaign ideas for Mother’s Day:

  • Propose to your community to post a photo of them with their mom before / after
  • You loved dishes prepared by your mom. Post them recipes
  • A love letter to … her mom. The post with the most liked will be rewarded
  • Suggest to mothers to tell a memory, an anecdote that marked their life as a mother

Some hashtags to use: # fêtedesmères #happymothersday

Lots of ideas from contest are to be organized around Mother’s Day. I’m sure you won’t run out of creativity. Attention, if there is competition, there is gifts !

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