Marketing campaign |  The best dates of the month of June

Marketing campaign | The best dates of the month of June

The month of June offers good prospects. The weather is nice (normally!). We are approaching the summer vacation. There is a joyful and festive atmosphere.
And it’s even more true with these four highlights not to be missed: the day of running to keep in shape. A touch of seduction, with the day of the mini-skirt. And two days to follow: Father’s Day and Music Day.
In this article, don’t miss our tips on how to best prepare for these four events. To carry out relevant and effective marketing campaigns.

So, let’s go to the music …

World Running Day – June 3

Take his sneakers for go running, it’s the foot. And what’s more, it’s good for your health. It is also a great way to relieve stress. “Run forest run !”

Who is behind World Running Day?

The origin of this event seems to come to us from the other side of the Channel. The English celebrate every first week of June, since 2017, the “World Running Day”. The objective is of course to promote the discipline. And especially these health benefits. This year, the day is set for June 3.

A sports campaign

To support you in the exercise, many applications exist. For the most part, they inform you of distances traveled, your heart rate, and even the loss of calories! And of course, they offer you challenges to relieve. This is precisely the case for the Global running day. During the first week of June, we invite you to go out for a run (or walk, it also works!). So, share your effort with the community by posting photos or videos.

Why do we like this campaign?

Because it “forces” us to go out. Very often, and me the first, we are not necessarily very motivated to put on your sneakers. And we need a little help motivation to get started. And participating in this kind of challenge helps us. It is often the first outing, the hardest. Afterwards, you will see, you will not be able to do without it.

More and more people practice running. Your network must be full of joggers. So, interact with them.

How? ‘Or’ What ? By offering them, why not challenges to take up. Number of kilometers to be covered in a given time. Photos or videos of them in action Classes. Or, an outing with your coworkers or your team. A moment to share, then, on your social networks. Combine, thus, pleasure and work.

And take the opportunity to recall some of the benefits of running:

  • to be in a good health : I’m not teaching you anything, but running helps you manage weight gain. To lower cardiovascular risks. And even to densify your bone mass
  • chase away stress: take your sneakers and run, get some fresh air, will get you out of a sometimes heavy professional daily life. This will allow you to deal with uncomfortable stressful situations
  • surpass oneself: Setting goals, however small, is important. It’s proving to you that you can go to the end. It is showing a certain will. What you achieve in running you may well envision in your professional life.

Miniskirt Day – June 6

Rarely has a piece of clothing aroused so much emotion, even today. Vilified by some, praised by others. Such popularity was well worth a day!

A little history

The mini-skirt was created by an Englishwoman, Mary Quant, in the 60s. Quickly, this style of dress became the symbol of the emancipation and independence of women. Small technical information, to honor the name “mini-skirt”, the garment must not exceed 10 cm under the buttocks!

Fight prejudices

Many advertising campaigns showcase the miniskirt. I decided to take the opposite approach and present to you a brand that gives pride of place to the mini-skirt… for men! It should be remembered that this outfit was worn, originally, during antiquity, by Roman soldiers. So, let’s not be surprised to see it come back into fashion. A clothing brand has made it its specialty: Hiatus.

Chasm of Marques

Why do we like the idea?

Finally a little parity in dress. Why would the mini-skirt be reserved mainly for the fairer sex? Sometimes you have to know how to break the rules. And from you to me, I find that the man who wears it is so sexy!

It’s time to remember that everyone (or everyone!) Is free to be able to dress as they should. Because, let’s face it, many people get a few glances or worse a few derogatory remarks when they wear a mini-skirt. Post messages of tolerance and freedom. That of dressing as you wish.

Why not suggest, within your team, to the men, to pose with a mini-skirt. History of breaking down taboos. And also, to share a good laugh.

Father’s Day – June 20

the month of May for Mother’s Day, the month of June for Father’s Day. Not jealous.

A little history

It is a fact that some events were created for commercial purposes. Brands understood it before everyone else. This is the case with Flaminaire lighters. Its director, in the early 1950s, decided to create Father’s Day with the avowed aim of selling a little more of its products. Bingo! Success for the company and key moments established in the national agenda by the President of the Republic at the time, Vincent Auriol.

Father’s Day marketing campaign

Emotion, sharing, declaration of love are often at the heart of advertising messages to evoke Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. This is the case with this Tesco campaign (British superstore).

Why did this campaign appeal to us?

For precisely the emotion it provides. But also, the effect of surprise. The messages are broadcast, in audio, in the store, in the presence of the children and their dad. A beautiful and very moving idea.

Suggest that your community play the “before / after” photo. A visual, father / daughter or father / son, separated by a few years. The effect is guaranteed. The theme of nostalgia is often relevant in communication.

You could, too, start a game around “dads of…”. For example, who is William Alvin Pitt? Well, not very complicated, he’s Brat Pitt’s daddy. Do not forget to give a gift at the end of the game. For the pleasure of giving.

Music Day – June 21

This event marks the beginning of summer and the festivities. A popular festival well anchored in the event landscape.

Once upon a time…

1981, François Mitterrand and the left come to power. In 1982, the Minister of Culture, a certain Jack Lang, decided to launch a festive and popular event: the music festival. The message is simple: anyone who wants to play an instrument or sing can do so, in the street, on this day. The success is total. And after decades, it does not deny itself.

All the music we love

music festival 2021

Whether organized by a community or an association, the music festival is a moment of joy and sharing. Everyone is involved in their communication. It’s up to you to find yours.

Turn up the sound. And create, it’s an idea, a musical playlist on a listening platform (Deezer, Spotify…). A list of titles that correspond to the values ​​of your company or your brand. And offer your community to integrate their musical choices.

And of course, invite your network to play the drum or the double bass. There are, without doubt, a few amateur or professional musicians who follow you. Ask them to send you a video of their performance. And on the day of the music festival, post them. Like a digital concert in a way.

Do not hesitate to leave us a comment. Tell us how you plan to communicate about these events. Share your ideas with us.

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