MARKETERs Day 2021: INNOVACTION – Beyond technology

An event on the most innovative and revolutionary companies of the moment, which have been able to face the continuous challenges of the market.

friday 25 june 2021 The next edition of MARKETERs Day will take place, organized by the Turin committee of the MARKETERs Club. MARKETERS Day: INNOVACTION – Beyond technology is the name of the third event of the year.

The central theme will be that ofinnovation, declined in various fields. All these professionals from the most interesting realities of the moment, who have been able to look beyond, innovate in their sector of reference, will therefore be the speakers of the event.

The presentations will focus on the business strategies adopted to face the continuous challenges of the market, the marketing and communication strategies at the base of the dialogue with its target, and many other subjects.

Speeches by:

• Michèle Bortolussi, marketing strategy analyst at Vinted
• Luca Torresan, Marketing and Communication Director of McFit
• Andrea Giaretta, Managing Director of Dr.
• Mauro Turcatti, responsible for public affairs and corporate communications for Italy and South-Eastern Europe of AirBnB
• Luca Florentino, CEO and founder of Ottosunove
• Davide Lunarelli and Andrea Porta, respectively Head of Marketing and Digital Marketing Manager for Xiaomi Italy

the MERCHANTS Club is a nationally recognized university association that brings together young people passionate about communication, marketing, business and innovation, offering training, collaborations with companies, conferences with prominent personalities and one-off events.

The event will start around 10 a.m. and during the speeches, attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions directly to the speakers, via the Club’s webinar platform and social media. Registration is open to all.

Interventions will continue throughout the day, with alternating guests, interactive and educational breaks and breaks, during which members can get involved to win many prizes offered by the sponsors.

We expect you on June 25!

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