Make landing pages in WordPress with 9 plugins and themes

Make landing pages in WordPress with 9 plugins and themes

Per create a landing page in WordPress you can install a plugin that can follow the main techniques of a page builder. And simplify creation with simple drag & drop activities: drag and drop what you need and generate your landing page.

Landing page builder per WordPress.

It seems easy to generate one page WP landing able to convert. Is it enough to install an extension to have a landing page on the blog you manage?

Actually no. An effective landing page to sell products or services, or perhaps a squeeze page to generate leads, requires care. Starting from right choice with respect to the method to be used with respect to the WordPress landing page generator. Which one to choose?

Here is a series of dedicated platforms, extensions and plugins (both free and paid) to use to turn your readers into customers, prospects or lead.


The first solution, as suggested, to generate a landing page con WordPress: un plugin.

This solution allows you to add an extension and have the tools to insert headline, images, videos and everything you need for a sales page.

What is the best plugin for creating a landing page in WordPress? In these cases the choice falls on Elementor, one of the free and paid extensions that have revolutionized the methods to activate pages thought to find contacts and customers online.

How to create a landing page and post it on your blog or website on WordPress? Simple, just go to the dashboard and install the plugin in question.

You activate it and create a normal fixed page. You will notice a button dedicated to just one element: you click it and the editor appears with a sidebar a sinistra which allows you to add whatever you need to add payoff, claim, hero shot, contact form

Come creare landing page in WordPress
The editor to use Elementor.

But also FAQ and accordion fields. You have a library of ready-made modules and templates: for sure it is one of the solutions to create a landing page for WordPress. Both for a blog than for a website. Other reasons to choose Elementor?

Recent updates to improve the pages in perspective Core Web Vitals they are important but you must also not forget the presence of additional plugins that allow you to enrich Elementor with new widgets. Or to integrate the editor Gutenberg with this page builder that makes life a lot easier.

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Page Builder di SiteOrigin is a plugin (or if you prefer you can install the theme) to simplify the creation of landing pages on WordPress. The strength of this reality is the good balance between ease of use and results obtained on the blog.

landing page gratis wordpress
Create your free landing page on WordPress.

The drag & drop interface – i.e. drag and drop wherever you like – makes everything easier. You don’t need to use tag HTML but at the same time you can count on a lightweight code. Which is the basis for having a fast and optimized page SEO.

You can use this plugin with your theme and work with live edits so you can see the results of your postings right away. Ah, download this plugin WP per landing page is free, this makes everything more interesting for your project.


Leadpages is a great inbound marketing service that helps you eavesdrop contacts, customers and prospects. It offers a complete service to generate pop-ups, email banners, forms dedicated to lead magnets and of course landing pages.

The advantage of this service is the great professionalism aimed at the theme of performance from all points of view. You can create one landing page in WordPress for each campaign or marketing activity thanks to 200 ready-made templates,

Choose your landing page template.

They are models optimized for mobile and to always be aligned with the rules of the user experience. For example with this WP builder professional you can create:

  • Opt-in Page
  • Thank You Page
  • Squeeze Page.
  • Confirmation Page.
  • Sales Page.
  • Checkout Page.

This obviously in addition to the classic pages landing gear intended for sale or for collecting contacts. Another aspect that makes this service very interesting?

I’m talking about the toolbox. You can create pop-ups that are timed or that appear when the cursor moves in a certain direction, a bar for the contact collection, a Email Trigger Button and everything you need for a good web marketing job.

Leadpages is a product that can help you in your creation process. This is a premium service, you can find it on

Divi Builder

Do you want create a blog from scratch and do you need a theme that allows you to generate professional landing pages on WordPress? Perfect, the answer is clear: you need to install the template Divi who owns one of the most advanced and performing builders.

The key benefits of this service: Divi is simple to use, powerful and flexible. So suitable for those who want to create pages of conversion and sale with

  • Call to action.
  • Form.
  • Slideshow.
  • Galleries.
  • Testimonial.
  • Buttons.
  • Video.
  • Images.

Those who have the purpose of publishing a single page site with landing page for a sponsored campaign on Google, LinkedIn or Facebook.

This is how the DIVI visual builder works.

The great plugin or template that belongs to Divi Page Builder replaces the standard WordPress editor with an advanced solution capable of relying on a drag & drop which simplifies the activities on the front end of your website.

On the other hand you have maximum control over the CSS so developers can customize as they prefer. Obviously there are many ready-made templates and modules, come on call to action to the forms to send emails or book services.

Beaver Builder

Another giant of page builders to create landing pages on WordPress – but also squeeze and sales pages – bears the name of Beaver. That is to say a plugin that installs on any blog or website and adds the ability to create pages full-with, then full width and without sidebar, with division into columns and adding:

  • Photo.
  • Video.
  • Text.
  • Audio.
  • Widget.
  • Buttons.
  • Call to action.

Basically you have everything you need to generate landing pages in WordPress, on websites and blogs. Predefined templates help you create from an already good foundation ei additional modules allow you to work with pricing tables, forms and accordions.

Beaver Builder
Here’s how to activate the Beaver Builder.

How does this popular WP landing page plugin work with webmasters? How can I create a landing page on WordPress?

Simple, you install the plugin for free and create a page. At the top you find the button that allows you to switch to the editor with all the modules. L’interesting aspect– You can work with any WordPress theme because Beaver Builder is compatible.


Among the different services there is also Ucraft to create different solutions useful for showcase sites, sales pages, ecommerce and blogs. Just go to the section Landing Page Creation. Here you can generate what you need for direct sales or lead generation:

  • Sign up and create your free account.
  • Select the free landing page option.
  • Choose one of the many models available.
  • Insert the various elements on the page.
  • Add and edit text, images and videos.
  • Publish your new landing page.
  • Connect a custom domain for free.

The difference with other systems to generate landing pages on WordPress: here you can have a complete path at your disposal, also based on free hosting and building the page on a domain owned: This way you can have everything you need. Also a mechanism to enter the Google Analytics ID.

I temi landing page di Ucraft.

So as to trace the KPI (key performance indicator, the parameters to monitor) of the landing page to understand if your campaigns reach the established objectives.

In summary, Ucraft is the service to create landing pages to add to the site or ecommerce on WordPress. But you can also use this service for creare landing page without a website, directly on a owned domain and hosting.

WP Bakery

Un WordPress page builder speciale, a plugin to create landing pages used and exploited for projects of all kinds. Here’s what it is WP Bakery: a solution to transform a fixed page into a tool to generate sales and leads.

WP Bakery, what it is and what it is for.

Specifically, it’s a page builder with editor front-end e back-end, this means that you can change elements in a preview or in the editing area.

In any case it is also perfect for those who are starting out as it is not required programming knowledge e code. Once upon a time landing pages were created in HTML, today you just have to choose the widget and drag it wherever you like.

With WPBakery Page Builder you can choose templates, themes and elements to generate project-consistent landing pages. Responsive design and themes mobile friendly allow you to create in a way that respects the rules imposed by the user experience.

Compatible with all WordPress themes but also with WordPress SEO by Yoast and with your needs to create a site multi-language. Importantly, you can create ecommerce landing pages as you can use this plugin on Woocommerce.

Thrive Themes

You can use it both as a WordPress theme and as a plugin. In any case it is a decisive solution to activate landing page su WordPress with a simple and effective system. The aspect that prompted me to suggest this name among the best templates to activate a conversion page: maximum attention to the professional result.

Thrive Themes
Optimize the landing page.

Yup, it is a premium reality but you have functions that change the face of your way of operating. First you have the option of fare test A/B.

And those who work with performance know that there must be tests to understand what works on a landing page. The interesting aspect is that you have a screenshot which allows you to track the results. What you can modify and optimize the landing page.

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With the editor of WordPress Gutenberg you can create effective landing pages. Of course, we are not at the levels of a professional plugin like Elementor but every WP update is a step up from the old one WYSIWYG. Here you can:

  • Insert columns with text and photos.
  • List different data in tables.
  • Add call to action buttons.
  • Manage entire blocks of content.
  • Put pictures in full screen.
  • Devote space to testimonials.

With the latest updates you have real ready-made modules that include sections designed to create landing pages on WordPress without additional plugins. Target?

The best plugins for adding blocks.

Make the CMS independent, able to work without the need for extensions and present itself as a independent page builder. And if you don’t have everything you need to activate your landing pages you can take advantage of one of the many additional plugins.

Element replenishes its potential with WordPress but there are also extra solutions like Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg. Thanks to this plugin you can add:

  • Info box.
  • Heading extra.
  • Pricing list.
  • Team section.
  • Social share.
  • Testimonial.
  • Blockquote.
  • Contact Form.
  • FAQ.
  • Button.
  • Google Map.
  • Icon list.

In short, you most likely won’t need other plugins to create yours landing page per WordPress. In your opinion this is the best solution?

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