Living off a blog – April 2021 summary

Living off a blog – April 2021 summary

The April monthly summary that you were waiting for like May water (if I don’t let it go, I’ll burst).

This month, despite being less productive, you will see that the blog “has had a party” with increasing and decreasing visibility. And also curious things have happened, or at least if you are like me and you think that the hibernation of the brown bear is curious. 🐻

Come on, let’s get down to business.

As I was saying, April has been as productive as staring at a lava lamp (eye catching). Especially since there was a positive for Covid in Adrián’s nursery and he has been confined at home asking me to sing songs of Toy Story, Frozen Y Coco (Carlos Rivera trembles).

But hey, between rooster and rooster I have been able to do some interesting little thing:

  • The days that I could I continued giving cane to mi canal de Twitch doing blogger things like adding tweak the blog layout, preparing keyword research for a new post and even creating a new “program” the Friday at 12:00 (spanish time) with Chus Naharro to tell us how our blogging week has gone. 😁

Last Friday we were also with Xabier Iglesias to explain what all that is about Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, etc. And while the people in the chat changing the color of the lights in my room. 😁

  • I was also “Unsubscribing” my GamGage app. Sad news to be honest, because I was really cool. 😢

Facebook (Instagram) contacted me and told me that using its resources without doing it through its official API was very ugly, and as with the official API you can’t do even half of the things that GamGage already did, well I decided to cancel it directly and get rid of the fuss, really. A shame

  • Another thing that gave me to try was to auction the domain to see how much he could reach … But i ate the snot because it only had one bid and sooo much lower than I expected (so I haven’t sold it). 🙁
  • Continuing with domains, I found that the domain was free, which in its day seems to have been used by the Chupa Chups brand for a campaign of Halloween. So I bought it for € 13 and I don’t know whether to sell it or set up something related to Halloween there, depending on what it gives me …
  • Oh well, and I have also been updating the post I have on Search Console (which I hope to re-publish already this May) and preparing this summary that you are reading. 😁

And this has been basically the month of April.

Now we go to the chicha, to the datasssss.

What has happened this month?


Monthly data


  • No. of sessions: 50.898 (-9,05%)
  • Average session duration: 2 minutes and 00 seconds (-4,07)
  • No. of pages per session: 1,22 (+0,36%)
  • No. of page visits: 62.186 (-8,72%)
  • Bounce Rate: 17,01% (+13,71%)


  • Subscribers on the mailing list: 3.663 (-0,67%) [limpieza de suscriptores inactivos]

Social media

  • Twitter: 24,857 followers (+0,72%)
  • Telegram Channel: 944 (+2,72%)
  • Instagram: 1,792 followers (+0,9%)
  • YouTube: 1,960 followers (+2,08%)
  • Twitch: 135 followers (+9,76%) / 4 subscribers (+33,33%)


Well, as you can see, this month I have not been able to publish any post, but the thing has been more or less fine even with the initial downturn of Holy Week. In fact, in the last fortnight of the month I noticed a push from Google for a few days, although then it came back to reality … 😊

Visibility of the blog in April according to ranking

Visibility of the blog in April according to SE Ranking

And here with Sistrix you can see that “movement” of the visibility of the blog, which happened the same with other blogs in the sector; others had an “inverse” effect and in others nothing was noticed.

Comparison of blog visibility in April according to sistrix

Regarding income affiliationIn April it was practically at the same good level as March, the truth is that the year did not start badly in this regard. 😊

And in advertising, things have been practically the same, a little worse, well.

This month I have noticed more proposals from advertisers to put banners in the blog, but in the end the thing has not gone ahead … And from GamGage now I will not have more income, of course. 🙁

Anyway, this has been a bit of the month in advertising (I do not include affiliation):

Advertising revenue with The Moneytizer on the blog they have been € 91.11 (+ € 15 of their affiliation).

Advertising revenue with advertisers banners on blog they have been € 100.

Advertising and subscriber revenue in Twitch they have been $ 10.23 (€ 8.51).

Tooootal this month in blog advertising and advertising / shopping on GamGage have been 214,62€.

☝️ I emphasize the advertising because here I do not include what is generated with the affiliation, which is more or less the 70% -80% of all income of the blog that I get to live on it. Logically, only with advertising is not enough to live.

And what’s for May?

Well, in May I was planning to update my review of «Online SEO course»That in his day I did with Dean Romero’s course and that this time I wanted to test (and compare) the Webpositer Academy, and as they are precisely updating their course to keep it up to date, I am going to take advantage of this month to update other posts from the blog.

I also have a new post in mind that I have never done on a comparison of good and cheap sites where to buy domains.

It may not be as detailed as the hosting comparison, but it does show the characteristics of the ones I use the most, the ones I like the most, etc.

On the other hand, I will be giving cane to the Twitch channel from Monday to Thursday around 12:00 pm (whenever I can), which I like to teach the things related to the blog I do in my daily life.

And on Fridays at 12:00 pm, Blogueros Twitcheros -Chus Naharro and a server- we will tell each other how our week has gone, interesting things in the sector, jokes, guests, etc. In short, having a good time with colleagues relaxing neither more nor less. 😊

Follow me and so Twitch will warn you when it’s live …

Well ale, now yes, I leave you as always some cool content that I read this month:

Recommended reading

Bye, bye, bye.

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