Live off a blog – March 2021 summary

Live off a blog – March 2021 summary

Note that we are already in April; and me with these hairs …

So play a fantastic and precious March monthly summary like this one you are reading where you will see that the blog is cruising at a good pace despite the occasional scare from Google. Also this month has paid off when it comes to new content, really. 👌

Come on, let’s get down to business.

As I was saying, March has been a good month for new content on the blog. And it’s been 2 months in a row that I can dedicate content to it in conditions, and doing even more things, ¡Anvilivibol! (unbelievable for picky eaters or amazing for those of ESO).

See if I’ve had time to do things that I’ve even changed my glasses and everything. Well, your aunt didn’t have any more because she could see even blurry, and of course, that way there was no one to position a blog in conditions (that would be, of course…).

By the way, I have taken the opportunity to update my profile picture, both on the blog and on social networks.

Anyway, this is basically what I did in March:

  • It’s wrong for me to say it, but I published a piece of post about how to do keyword research Well, if Google does not use it to put it in its official documentation, it is probably for not generating envy, I understand, of course.
  • I was also giving some final touches (few, really, because it was already luxurious) to the post that the great Nuria Cámaras published last week about Amazon Affiliates. This one would also be used by Amazon in its official documentation, but it does not do it for the same reasons …
  • I was also giving cane to mi canal de Twitch doing “blogger things” like updating WordPress, fixing some CSS styles, doing link building or optimizing the loading of the posts where I put tweets like this:
  • From time to time I also like to search for expired domains that have good backlinks Y are not penalized Nothing like that. This month I was able to get the one from (I’m still not sure what I’ll do with it) and I was on the hunt for (this one was a very sweet tooth), but there were already some more or less automated “domain grabbers” that caught him before … Wow!
  • Oh well, and I have also been preparing this summary that you are reading. 😁

And this has basically been the month of March.

Now we go to the chicha, to the datasssss.

What has happened this month?


Monthly data


  • No. of sessions: 52.430 (+2,75%)
  • Average session duration: 2 minutes and 05 seconds (-2,95%)
  • No. of pages per session: 1,22 (-1,08%)
  • No. of page visits: 63.825 (+1,64%)
  • Bounce Rate: 14,86% (+27,16%)


  • Subscribers on the mailing list: 3.688 (-4,5%) [limpieza de suscriptores inactivos]

Social media

  • Twitter: 24,680 followers (+0,43%)
  • Telegram Channel: 919 (+2%)
  • Facebook personal profile: 2.201 Friends (-0,14%)
  • Instagram: 1,776 followers (+0,79%)
  • YouTube: 1.920 (+2,13%)


Well, as you can see, things have been more or less calm, a little better than in February, but not a wonder either. It is also true that I only compare the first 28 days (for February) and the last week of March with Easter was weaker, of course.

Anyway, if the trend is NOT negative, it works for me. 😊

And that according to Sistrix the visibility of the blog dropped a bit at the end of the month …

But go, you have already seen that in terms of traffic it has not been noticed. You already know that visibility does not always translate into clicks and much less conversion (then you will see graphs of marketing blogs that go up a lot because they are positioned by searches that have nothing to do with marketing …). 🤷‍♂️

Something curious that I have noticed (and that can be seen in the bounce graph) is that in the last week of the month the bounce rate rises “suddenly”.

Analyzing it from above, it seems organic fake traffic to my post about how to earn money (the post is a bit fake too 😁) because it is traffic from countries that do not make sense for the blog and that barely stay, let’s go in and out …

Post statistics on how to earn money countries

Okay then. 🤷‍♂️

Regarding income affiliation, in March I noticed again some improvement compared to February, so cool hey. Maybe because of the anniversaries of Raiola and LucusHost earlier in the month.

In advertising, things have been practically the same, even despite the fires that occurred in the OVH servers and that affected the people of The Moneytizer, although it did not affect the issue of showing the ads directly.

Anyway, this has been a bit of the month in advertising (I do not include affiliation):

Advertising revenue with The Moneytizer on the blog have been € 96.89 (€ 0 of your affiliation).

Advertising revenue with advertisers banners on blog they have been € 100.

Advertising revenue from AdMob in apps they have been € 15.10.

Income from compras in-app en GamGage they have been € 73.95.

Tooootal this month in blog advertising and advertising / shopping on GamGage have been 285,94€.

☝️ I emphasize the advertising because here I do not include what is generated with the affiliation, which is more or less the 70% -80% of all income of the blog that I get to live on it. Logically, only with advertising is not enough to live.

And what about April?

Well, in April the priority will be to kickstart the Webpositer Academy SEO course that I am doing this year to update my review on “online SEO course»That in its day I did with the Dean Romero course.

Apparently Dean has already commented that he was going to update his course Trigger Your Visits (For those of us who already have it, it will be free, that’s really cool), but I also wanted to try the Webpositer one because I’ve always been told very well about it, so I’ll see which one I “prefer”. 😁

And on the other hand, I am going to think about what to do with the domain that I was commenting on before, so the same I work a post on the subject (before doing a keyword research, Sure). And it occurs to me that I can show how I do it live by mi canal de Twitch, how about..? 🤔

Basically these will be my priorities on the blog, although then surely more things will come up, you know.

Well ale, now yes, I leave you as always some cool content that I read this month:

Recommended reading

Bye, bye, bye.

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