Live from a blog – May 2021 summary

Live from a blog – May 2021 summary

in this monthly summary for May you will find that the last month on the blog has been what I usually refer to as a month of shit. Maybe I’m not the best at giving things technical names …

Anyway, let’s get down to business and I’ll tell you in more detail.

To be fair, the truth is there has been a bit of everything, good and bad, but you know I’m more here to point out the bad things even if it’s to go against the grain. posture.

call me bitter optimist.

Already at the beginning of the month, things were not going well in terms of the visibility of the blog. Google “took” the honey from my lips that I had put at the end of April by hitting me with the rush towards web positioning that I mentioned in the previous monthly summary.

In fact left me a little worse than it was before the high, on top with bumps …

In the middle of the month, on a personal level, we had a “fuss” at home as we all got sick (without Covid, yes) with coughs, snot, sore throats and a few hours of sleep. And I don’t know if the same will happen to all 2 year olds, but when Adrián is sick he becomes a mixture of Gremlin with a bit of Hulk.

Everything is fine. 👌

Anyway, I was still able to do a few things …

  • On the days that I was able, I continued to cane mid twitch channel do blog stuff like prepare an article on “cheap domains”, however [email protected] they tried to scare me by doing it …

  • The first week, I was a little stupid with these 2 areas:
    • I caught it expired from a campaign that Chupa Chups was using a long time ago and it occurred to me to mount some bullshit there for Halloween.
    • I have always wanted to create a website to sell a “professional” service like demotivating or anticoach to help the over-motivated, showing my bitter optimism.
  • Last week, Ibon Azkoitia also invited me to pass TrenchWP to discuss the “profession” of blogger, another profession of the future which is deliberately hidden from you, even if I am not going to sell you anything other than my blog. 😊
  • I have also prepared the blog monetization workshop that I usually give each year in June at MarketingEtWeb School by Miguel Florido.
  • At the end of the month it occurred to me to also create a Telegram channel where broadcasts are notified live of the Twitch channels on digital marketing that I find. So if you want to join the channel, it’s as easy as entering here:

Marketing Twitchs

  • And I also prepared this summary that you are reading now, of course. 😁

And that was basically the crappy month of May.

Now let’s move on to shisha, datasssss.

What happened this month?


Monthly data


  • Number of sessions: 42,612 (-16.28%)
  • Average duration of sessions: 1 minute and 54 seconds (-5.44%)
  • Number of pages per session: 1.21 (-0.84%)
  • Number of page visits: 51,625 (-16.98%)
  • Rebound rate: 19.97% (+ 17.43%)

Blog statistics as of May 2021

To post

  • Subscribers on the mailing list: 3,595 (-1.86%) [con limpieza de suscriptores inactivos]

Social media

  • Twitter: 25,044 subscribers (+0.75%)
  • Telegram string: 972 (+ 2.97%)
  • Instagram: 1,795 subscribers (+0.17%)
  • Youtube: 1,970 subscribers (+ 0.51%)
  • Tic: 183 subscribers (+ 35.56%) / 3 subscribers (-25%)


Well you see that the data also accompanied to confirm that it was a month of shit, because as I said previously, there was little visibility and therefore traffic on the blog. Even if it is true that in the last days of the month, he recovered a little and that he was finally a little worse than his “normal” level.

It’s been kind of a visibility bounce as you can see both in Sistrix as in SE classification.

Visibility of the blog in May according to sistrix

Visibility of the blog in May according to seranking

Regarding income affiliationIn May it may have gone down a bit compared to April (things have gone up there), and now it looks like it is returning to “normal” levels here as well. 😊

And in advertising, things got worse with less traffic as well, of course. 🙁

Anyway, it’s been a bit of the month in advertising (I’m not including affiliation):

Advertising revenue with The Moneytizer on the blog they were € 68.13 (+ € 30 from their membership).

Advertising revenue with Advertiser banners on the blog it was 100 €.

Advertising and subscription revenue in Tic they were $ 7.89 (€ 6.45).

Too many this month in blogging and advertising have been € 204.58.

☝️ I insist on advertising because here I do not include what is generated with the affiliation, which is more or less the 70% -80% of all income from the blog that I can live on. Logically, only advertising does not give life.

And in June?

Good first of all It was to go to Valencia as a family this first weekend of June to give the course I mentioned earlier at MarketingAndWeb school, and we have already taken the opportunity to spend a few days there and visit friends.

In the middle of the month I will draw the post “cheap domains” that I prepared, which although it is a fairly “straightforward” post, is one of those yes or yes needed to complete some domain / cluster hosting specific topics of the blog.

I also thought of a new post I never did on “free hosting”, which while not the ones I like the most, I think it may also be interesting to explain the advantages / disadvantages of this type of accommodation (kind of what I do in this article on

On the flip side, I’ll continue to rock the Twitch channel on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays around 12:00 (when I can), working on blog stuff.

And Friday at 12 noon, Twitcheros bloggers -Chus Naharro and a waiter- we will tell each other how our week went, interesting things in the sector, jokes, guests, etc. In short, having a good time with colleagues while relaxing no more and no less. 😊

Follow me and so Twitch will notify you when it’s live …

Well, now yes, I leave you as always some cool content that I read this month:

Recommended reading

Goodbye goodbye.

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