LinkedIn provides insight into effective ad targeting [Infographic]

LinkedIn provides insight into effective ad targeting [Infographic]

LinkedIn shared a new overview of its different ad targeting options, as well as some tips to help you maximize your campaign’s performance and reach the right consumers at the right time through LinkedIn ads.

As explained by LinkedIn:

“Targeting is a critical part of any content marketing strategy – and the right approach to targeting has never felt more important than it does now. Growth over the next year will depend on the inspiration from those willing to do business – and inspire as many of them as possible. “

With more businesses reopening and seeking a return to growth in the wake of the pandemic, this could open up new opportunities, but to seize these you will need to make sure the right people know your products. and services.

For the right offers, LinkedIn could be an extremely valuable tool, and this overview could help you better understand how you can best use LinkedIn’s advertising platform.

And a key note: LinkedIn says the ideal audience size for your ad campaigns is between 60,000 and 400,000.

More information in the infographics below.

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