LinkedIn and Inbound Marketing: the powerful alliance

LinkedIn and Inbound Marketing: the powerful alliance

Growing for several years, LinkedIn has established itself as a strategic lever of inbound marketing for brands and companies.

LinkedIn, from CV database to brand content

Created in 2002, that is to say even before Facebook, LinkedIn is among other things imagined to digitize the famous business card. Remember that little piece of paper we used to trade around at networking events. LinkedIn, by creating a community of professionals, responds to the need for stay in touch with the contacts encountered, beyond the simple and brief exchange ofe-mails

. The rules of this community are clear: no question of sharing vacation photos, we are in the professional sphere.

Let’s face it, for a long time, LinkedIn looked like a gigantic catalog of resumes. If you weren’t looking for employees or jobs, it’s a safe bet that you weren’t spending hours there.

But in recent years, the way of communicating on LinkedIn has evolved. From a vast playground for headhunters, the network has become a amazing tool branded content for brands and companies. In 2020, the milestone of 3.5 million accounts has been crossed in Belgium and 25-34 year olds represent 60% of its users.

Videos, interviews, articles … The formats are numerous and inspiring content abounds on the history of brands, their social responsibility, their vision, their culture, their human resources management… It is now much easier to spend time on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn and inbound marketing

Regardless of the size of the business, LinkedIn can be easily used as a a lever ofinbound marketing. Indeed, it is an ideal space to deploy its content strategy and to inspire, create relationship and trust.

Looking for ideas to combine LinkedIn and inbound Marketing? What if you started by telling your story ? Who are the founders, how was the brand created, what the first offices looked like, how things go behind the scenes, who are your collaborators?

Don’t be afraid of share your successes, your highlights, like the most difficult moments. Alternate these more “personal” moments by adding content likely to appeal to your target. Share articles on your industry, best practices, advice, a quote, evocative figures… Of course, keep in mind that this is not a sales pitch.

The goal is to build your universe and unite your community around common values. Thus, for example, the Puressentiel Laboratory goes out to meet producers contributing to the manufacture of products in Australia or Morocco. Veja discusses the latest sneaker colors such as the manufacture of organic laces or its fight against CO2 emissions. The key words: authenticity and sincerity.

Communicate on LinkedIn: the formats

No need to spend a fortune to communicate on LinkedIn. The free features of the platform already have a lot to offer, starting with the articles. Unlike other social networks, there is more room for nuance here and we gladly accept long posts.

No blog yet? This is the time to test the format “ticket »Before getting started! Think of pin at the top of the page, content that you particularly want to highlight. In addition, select a few hashtags representative of your values, to be used regularly in your articles. And yes, your LinkedIn page also contributes to your SEO !

A webinar or an event to promote? Functionality LinkedIn Events allows you to devote a dedicated page to it in order to easily invite your network. The “stories” short, ephemeral and creative formats also lend themselves to immortalizing a moment or teasing longer content. LinkedIn Live also gives you the ability to broadcast live to further increase interactivity with your target.

Want to share an aftermovie, an interview with a collaborator or a retrospective of the year on video? Like any social network, LinkedIn will focus on internal content. Therefore, consider importing your videos (subtitled of course) via the LinkedIn feature rather than sharing external links to Youtube or other.

Do you have a little budget to free up? Sponsored content, image carousel, or video advertising can be great background tools to boost your brand awareness.

As you will have understood, the possibilities to communicate on LinkedIn are numerous and liberating!

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