let’s find out about Pinterest pin ideas

let’s find out about Pinterest pin ideas

More … than 475 million people worldwide use Pinterest every month to find new ideas looking for recipes for dinner or to be inspired by furniture, style (but not only).

To help people interact with videos and explore more and more content on Pinterest to bring the ideas they discover on the platform to life, Pinterest recently launched Pin idea, its multi-page video format now available to all creators in Italy.

Anyone with a business account can create engaging content and engage with their audience more effectively, creating increasingly engaged communities on Pinterest.

We asked a few questions Johan Gipch, Content and Creator Manager Southern Europe at Pinterest, on the recent launch of Pin Ideas and the perspectives for the creators of the platform.

What does it mean to be a Pinterest creator?

Pinterest is unique in the digital platform landscape because people use it to come up with new ideas, start projects, and achieve their goals with the right inspiration. And at Pinterest, we believe the best inspiration comes from people.

Pinterest is where you can discover designers with big ideas – creators are people who are constantly thinking about new ways to bring positivity and creativity to the world and they are fueled by their own passions, which want to share them with others.

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When people come to Pinterest, we not only want them to find great ideas about cooking, home, beauty, and fashion, but we also want them to meet the people behind the pins.

We want creators to find their audience – all users who find their content stimulating and inspiring. As users start to follow their favorite creators, users will mostly look to them for inspiration soon.

What helps create great content?

Anyone on Pinterest can inspire and share new ideas. To get started, you don’t have to be a celebrity, famous media outlet, or influencer. Pinterest gives everyone the chance to share ideas that the world can then put into practice.

At Pinterest, we’re interested in proactive people, designers, creatives, or experts in a specific field and many of them are already using the platform as a Pinner.

Cooked al dente, Alexandro Basta, Adriana spink, e Martina Sergi are great examples of designers in Italy who inspire their audiences through Pinterest, offering original ideas on topics ranging from cooking to fitness to beauty.

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Just as an idea can come from anywhere, we believe that anyone has the potential to be a creator – just an idea worth sharing. We want attract new talent to build a pool of creators who give Pinners the inspiration they seek – even better than we could on our own.

Excellent content has been appearing and reappearing on Pinterest for months (not minutes) based on our users’ research and discovery.

Idea Pins are displayed in several parts of the platform: they are clearly visible at the top of Home, in the Today tab, but not only. This means that a creator’s commitment to developing engaging content is well supported by the platform I display.I Pin Idea to a new audience not only when it’s published, but also when users are more likely to take advantage of it.

Idea Pins allow Pinterest users to view inspiring videos and images and follow the achievement step by step, without having to click on an external link and exit the app.

It’s easier for pin users to contact creators directly to ask questions, share comments, or try to bring ideas to life.

In fact, last month the number of comments on idea pins has been multiplied by 9 compared to standard pins; this means Pinners are encouraged to follow Creator Profiles to stay up to date on and engage with posted content.

Advice to creators

  1. Tell a good story: Plan your content like any other type of story. Develop the incipit, the middle and the end. For Pinners, it’s easier to understand and bring an idea to life if it’s broken down into more easily digestible sections. Pinterest recommends creating a Pin Idea of ​​more than 5 pages (considering that 20 is the maximum number allowed).
  2. Enjoy the videos: Starting with a video is the best strategy to stand out and intrigue the audience. Videos should be vertical, with natural light, a sharp focal point, and a steady hand. Create videos of one minute (between 1 and 59 seconds) and no longer than 20 pages.
  3. Create personal content: Idea pins are not wanted content. Let your personal voice resonate. Users also want to know who is behind the posts they are viewing.
  4. Stay focused: Your idea pins don’t have to be complex – just focus on one concept.
  5. Be detailed: Be clear and give an idea of ​​the context with an accurate copy. Make the content understandable even if viewers cannot enjoy the audio. Use the “details” section to list the ingredients or materials needed at the bottom of the page. Avoid adding links in the text: by keeping the user on the Pin Idea page, your engagement will increase by increasing your audience not only on Pinterest.
  6. Enter a call to action: Add a call to action at the end of the idea pin. Pinterest recommends using short phrases like “comment” or “try” to increase engagement and conversion on your post.

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Does high quality content contribute to the shopping experience for users?

On Pinterest, we make sure that hidden “gems” are discovered; This is why the creators who share their high quality and inspiring content on the platform are helping us.

We create a thriving and trusted ecosystem where merchants, brands and designers can grow their business by helping Pinners discover, compare and buy products.

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One of the peculiarities of Pinterest is that users and brands are on the same line: people come to Pinterest to find inspiration for their wardrobes, for their homes, for the next vacation and even to shop for clothes. gifts. And brands want to be discovered. Thus, on Pinterest, users and businesses are united by a communion of intent.

With billions of searches performed on Pinterest every month, businesses – early in the decision-making process – have the opportunity to inspire consumers to bring their ideas to life, turning users into potential customers.

Pinterest is a visual breeding ground for ideas, brands and designers.

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