It is the investment made in Lego that I started 12 months ago

It is the investment made in Lego that I started 12 months ago

This is a good time to look back and analyze in a little more detail the evolution of the value of my investment in Lego which started 12 months ago.

I would have said it was longer since I started investing in Lego but it was only 12 months since I bought the first Harry Potter sets. It was fun learning how to buy and sell Lego. Most of the investments are made in our warehouse in Spain. Another good part that I have here in my house in Germany where since my move I have a dedicated room for all the Lego boxes.

Mistakes when investing in Lego

I made mistakes investing in Lego like I do with Pokémon. Most of the bugs that I won’t discover for 12 months. At first I was too guided by discounts without considering the growth potential of a set.

You can usually find many discounts for Lego City. The downside to this line is that it is not the best for collectors and is in circulation longer than others. We even had sales that lost money on Lego City. It is also true that there are some Lego City products that have a lot of potential but to find them you have to do your homework.

My best Lego buys

Using only the best discounts is not a good plan if the potential is low. Instead, I have several investments in Architecture, Harry Potter, and Star Wars ships that I haven’t started selling yet that have a 50-100% ROI.

Without a doubt, the best deals start to be seen from October. For this time it is good to be prepared and to have invested a little money to be able to buy at the best possible price. The advantage is in the purchase and less in the sale. A large part eg. 25k investment in Lego has already generated a return in 1 to 3 months. More than investment, it was arbitrage thanks to the Christmas period.

In summary: of all investments, I consider Lego to be the safest and most scalable. I will continue with increasing investments and we will see what this Christmas brings us. I have no doubt that there will be a lot of gifts …

Stay tuned.


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