Is SEO Tactical or Strategic? / Britney Muller / Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Is SEO Tactical or Strategic? / Britney Muller / Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Most people treat SEO from a tactical perspective, but not from a strategic perspective. Britney Muller explains why it’s important to consider SEO long before starting your web presence.

Britney Muller is SEO Scientist at Moz and an established authority in search engine optimization, data-driven research, and how to work smarter.

Anthony Miyazaki is Executive Director of Marketing and Analytics at FIU Business, and speaks on the psychology of building brands, marketing strategy, and the application of marketing analytics.

Britney Muller was a guest speaker at Digital•Branding•Analytics•Miami, the premier conference on digital marketing, brand development, and marketing analytics hosted by the Master of Science in Marketing (MSM) program at Florida International University. To learn more about the conference, search #DBAmiami using your favorite search engine or social media search tool.

To learn more about the MSM program, visit for the face-to-face version in Miami or for the fully online version.

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