Interview with Quang Ngo Dinh on 5G as an enabling technology

Interview with Quang Ngo Dinh on 5G as an enabling technology

N-Conference, il Business Visionary Event Ninja brand, celebrated the Unbreakable companies, companies and people able to survive the crisis thanks to the will to innovate and to look beyond the difficulties.

The event was broadcast live May 27-28, 2021 studies of Creators of fandango clubs.

These were at the center of the event reality capable of reinventing itself, exploring new ways of being in the market. But it was also an opportunity to know and learn from those who are capable of turn obstacles into opportunities and act outside the box to dominate the future.

The first part of the first day was devoted to vertical content on the Technology, powered by TIM, to discover together the new opportunities of AI and Machine Learning for companies, Martech and the automation of sales and customer support processes, and to familiarize themselves with the keywords of the “future present”, such as Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, AR & VR.

Quang Ngo Dinh, VP Consumer Market TIM, take part in N-conference with a speech titled “Gigabit Society & Smartlife, the legacy of the pandemic on daily habits“, in which he analyzed how the pandemic has changed everyday habits forever, redefining the boundaries between work, study and private life, from smart work to distance education and free time.

For us, it was the perfect opportunity to intercept him and ask him a few questions about the potential of the connection as a favorable factor for other technologies.

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How do you think we would have lived through this period of restrictions without digital technology and the ability to stay connected through connections?

Hard to say, because digital is now part of our lives, but I’m afraid that this period would have been very similar to the great epidemics of the past.

Instead, it was certainly a very difficult time for everyone, but digital has enabled people to carry out many aspects of their lives: work, study, stay in touch with loved ones and perhaps receive medical assistance from a distance, thanks to the connection. And we had the opportunity not to give up even more fun aspects, like streaming movies and TV shows, buying things online, shopping. In short, everyday actions that would have been completely impossible without the connection.

In one way or another, digital technology has helped us to continue to live in a very difficult context.

virtual reality

From your point of view, what technologies will 5G enable, and what can we expect next?

5G certainly enables more technological sectors, such asimmersive game, which allows you to play in a more immersive way with all the new experiences, and like thee-health, with the possibility of performing surgery remotely.

But it also impacts sectors considered to be more traditional, such as manufacturing andAgriculture, because thanks to 5G, it is possible to apply technologies that revolutionize technologically backward sectors. All this is already a reality, as the drive remotely and other technologies tested.

For the future, it is very difficult to imagine what will happen: it can be risky to risk a prediction. Think about what happened with 3G before (who would have expected products like theiPhone and the application ecosystem?) and 4G, then, with innovations such as Youtube and social media which has enabled the world to harness technologies we never even imagined.

That’s kind of the beauty of any technological leap.

How can a fast connection become an enabling factor for other technologies, but especially for the economic recovery of the country?

Connection is now vital for the economy and also for economic recovery.

First, because it connects businesses, businesses and people, but above all digitalizes processes, gives rise to new economic models, new models of entertainment and, if you will, new models of life.

It is therefore now a necessity that cannot be given up, a primary good like water and electricity. High-speed digital connection is now essential for us, for our business, for our country, for the whole world.

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