Internet, still the star of companies

The Internet, whether for innovations, whether to fight against pirates, whether to sell its first ideas which conquered the planet, it continues to capture all the attentions and challenges us to be able to do without it.

The global Internet blackout that affected banks and airlines around the world on Thursday was not caused by a cyberattack, said the US service provider Akamai on Friday. The cut hit airlines American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and Southwest Airlines as well as most of Australia’s major banks, denying their customers access to their websites and applications. The US service provider said in a statement that about 500 of its customers had been deprived of Internet connection because of a problem with one of its security products on the network. According to Akamai, the problem was resolved in just over four hours, but most websites were only taken down for about an hour. The origin of the failure is a data routing problem, linked to a product aimed at preventing denial of service (DDoS) attacks. This operation consists of sending massive amounts of data to a server to make it inoperative. The outage is the latest incident to focus attention on the stability of economy-critical internet platforms and the key role played by a handful of companies, mostly unknown to the general public, in making the web work. . Last week, US media and government sites, including those of the White House, the New York Times and Amazon, were temporarily out of service due to a problem at the American company Fastly, which offers a service to speed up the loading speed of Internet pages.

The young French company has developed a SaaS solution that helps companies protect themselves against cyberattacks carried out by robots. It has just completed a fundraising of 30 million euros and wants to strengthen its presence in the United States. Founded in 2015, DataDome has developed a solution that helps businesses protect themselves against cyber attacks carried out by malicious bots. These can be of several types: data extraction (scrapping), account theft, denial of service attacks, payment fraud, etc. “There are always hackers behind the robots”, recalls Fabien Grenier, the boss of Datadome. ” The robot is a vector that multiplies the power of an attack. For example, it makes it possible to reach tens of thousands of IP addresses or to attack ten or fifteen places simultaneously ”. DataDome has thus developed a SaaS solution for robot detection, powered by AI. The young shoot claims 160 clients, including Rakuten, Blablacar, La Redoute, La Fourchette, Saint Gobain, Axel Springer, the “New York Times”. A rapidly growing market.

World Wide Web Creator Sells Own Creation as NFT

Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web, auctions his own creation in the form of NFT. The auction will start at $ 1,000 and will be donated to associations. From June 23 to 30, the sale to obtain this precious NFT, entitled “This Changed Everything”, will be conducted by the auction house of works of art and collectibles Sotheby’s. The purchaser of the NFT will obtain the original files containing the source code written by Tim Berners-Lee, consisting of approximately 9,555 lines of code. These include three languages ​​and protocols: HTML, http, and URIs, as well as the original HTML documents that helped early web users understand how to use it. NFTs allow anyone to own a digital work. These tokens are governed by a secure digital channel called “blockchain”, which offers total transparency on in-game transactions. But why then become an owner? it is the fact that no NFT is identical to another and that they appear as collector’s items. Today, many industries use these tokens, such as art or fashion. Several works were acquired in this way. In March 2021, Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, had sold his first tweet for 2.9 million NFT. But the wealth of NFT owners is limited to very theoretical rights, as the works they acquire are still accessible online. line, and above all duplicable.

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