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Internal communication in the pharmacy is understood to be all those channels, mechanisms and information flows that take place between the internal employees of the pharmacy.

Internal communication is a fundamental and essential element for the pharmacy because good coordination between the people who work in the same pharmacy is vital to successfully achieve the same common goal.

In the daily life of the pharmacy there are incidents, orders, calls, orders, absences, laboratory news … And so that all team members are aware of everything, internal communication is essential. However, not many pharmacies do well with this type of communication, despite the fact that we know that through internal communication, the results and profits of the pharmacy can be improved, in addition to its profitability and productivity and cost. motivation and involvement of teams.

What are the advantages of good internal communication in pharmacy?

Good internal communication in the pharmacy offers the following advantages:

  • Generate your own brand through the team’s message.
  • Provides added and differentiating value in pharmacy.
  • Improves the working environment and the feeling of belonging to the pharmacy.
  • Motivation and involvement of the team and also helps to retain talent.
  • Improve competitiveness.

How to improve internal communication in pharmacy?

These three actions, which you can put in place right now in your pharmacy, will allow you to improve your internal communication:

1. Create a business and hospitality manual

It will be valid for new employees and is an essential tool for everyone. This manual can include all the information that should be in the hands of everyone who works in the pharmacy, for example: company standards and values, organization chart, functions and responsibilities, basic procedures, internal standards, resources and everything else. that you create which can be useful for daily work.

Employee Manual: It is a document that collects information about the company that every worker should know. For example: the values, mission and vision of the company, the philosophy, the message to be transmitted and the lines or types of products and / or services.

2. Open new channels of communication

In one day in the pharmacy there are thousands of incidents, orders, orders, news, etc. and normally there is more than one shift. Therefore, having a way to communicate between shifts is essential for the proper functioning of the pharmacy and being able to stay on top of everything.

I share different ideas:

  • More informal communication channels such as WhatsApp or Telegram, among others.
  • By mail: It is a tool that allows the rapid dissemination of information, the sharing of materials or even to work on the same database to unify the criteria.
  • Note book: The classic and that of all life paper and pen.
  • A display panel. If you don’t want to overload your email, you always have the option of setting up a bulletin board in your office to post specific and important news, circumstantial and even urgent matters. It is also interesting to encourage the participation of the employees there, who can use this medium to communicate with each other and launch interesting initiatives such as, for example, a team building.

3. Activate a suggestion box

A suggestion box can become a very useful tool for knowing the concerns and direct opinions of employees without having to go through uncomfortable situations.

4. Regular meetings and meetings

It is not enough to communicate in writing. Seeing, looking at and talking to each other is vital to unite teams and meet people. It is essential to plan regular meetings to get information and catch up, but it is also interesting to create extraordinary events to strengthen belonging to the company and to find yourself in a more relaxed atmosphere.

I encourage you to implement these four internal communication actions in your pharmacy to strengthen the cohesion of the various team members. Where do you dare to start?

Carmen Fernandez

Pharmacist, founder and director of Coach Farmacia

Date of last modification: 06/21/2021

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