Instagram reels: tips to get the most out of them

Instagram reels: tips to get the most out of them

As many of you know, Instagram reels are the biggest social media trend right now (after Tik Tok if you’re Gen Z, of course). And if your work, like ours, is part of the social media or focus on that, then this blog will help you get the most out of this new way of sharing content.

To take full advantage of all the advantages of having a voucher roll strategy It is necessary to be very clear on some basic concepts that will help you to work in an orderly and conscious manner.

How to create a reel strategy?

This is, without a doubt, the most important starting point if we are to take advantage of all that this format gives us. The reel strategy becomes, so to speak, the route of our journey through the world of Instagram, i.e. the set of actions that will help us achieve our goal.

The most important part of creating a strategy in reels is to define a main objective, which answers the question What do you want to achieve? And, on top of that, you need at least four specific goals that need to be quantifiable so you can measure them later.

Something very important before you start to create your reel strategy is to make sure that your target is segmented well so that the line of communication is more direct and, therefore, results in better results. Then you can structure and organize the strategic plan taking care of the following points:

  • Number of content you need per month, week or year.
  • Theme of each content, if it is related to time of year, market trend, special promotions, etc.
  • All the additional actions that will complement the network’s strategy such as: Merchandising, events, collaborations, etc.

What type of content do you need?

Once we’ve created our strategy in rolls, we can give way to the wonderful creative process of creating these videos.

In the reels, the type of content usually varies compared to traditional posts, although the main concept is the same: to create value for the user.

This is because the coils are primarily driven by virality. Well, you need to be aware of what’s “hit” in the reels and jump on the bandwagon right now, so that your posts reach maximum reach.

By this I am not only referring to challenges but also video styles and new tool updates that will keep your content not going out of date.

Video styles, for example, are the perfect guide to finding out what the user likes (mini tutorials, tips, recommendations, etc.). Therefore, our recommendation is to always take a look at reel trends and come up with ideas that will suit your brand.

Here are some ideas on the type of content that works perfectly for a reel strategy:

  • Tips / Recommendations
  • Before after
  • Questions and answers

Importance of the type of content in the coils

Remember! Está muy bien tener un contenido de calidad that aporte valor al usuario y optimice tu estrategia en reels, pero si no está relacionado con tu marca, tu producto o tu servicio lo único que vas a conseguir son reproducciones fantasmas (que están ahí pero no sirven for nothing).

How do you get Instagram to recommend your account?

Yes you read that right, Instagram can recommend your reels organically to your target audience as if SEO positioning That was, as long as you met all the requirements and practiced some of these tips:

▶ Music

A magic formula to always be on top of what’s trending is to include in your videos trendy Instagram songs to viralize your videos show them to more users.

So, you just need to search the list of the most viral songs on the major music platforms or your own Instagram when you are going to add music by creating a reel.

▶ Tik Tok watermark

Be careful with this because Instagram penalizes any reel content that was created from Tik Tok and have your default watermark. Here is an application to remove watermark: Tiktok Downloader.

▶ Hashtags

They are a key component that helps the platform understand the type of content you are sharing. This way Instagram will show your video to people who are really interested and therefore a win to win In all the rules.

Even if you have to pay attention to the number of hashtags you use and which hashtag you choose, because they can also penalize for having too much and because some of them are prohibited. I leave you here a page where you can see all the hashtags that Instagram banned.

▶ Configure Instagram recommendation

Another tip to roll up your strategy to reach the maximum number of users is to activate the “Recommend your account to other users” box. access the settings button in your profile.

How to take care of the visual quality?

This last point is perhaps the most obvious of all, but sometimes by wanting to record quickly or by not investing in the right material, videos are posted that are not visually appealing to the user. This translates to few likes, few views, and wasted time.

Reel strategy Take care of the visual content of reels

To get content that the user really likes In your reel strategy you must give the maximum importance to the visual and aesthetic, invest time and resources to achieve the best results. Here are some general aspects:

✅ Image quality

The ideal is to take care of it with a device equipped with a good camera and, also, to make sure that the option is activated. highest possible resolution in camera settings.

✅ Context that goes unnoticed

Record your videos with a clear background and with colors that harmonize the scene, because they help the eye to focus on the main element of the video, helping to make the message you want to convey clear and direct.

✅ Transitions

Transitions are a double-edged sword: if they look good you can get your hands on a possible viral video and if they aren’t inserted correctly, that’s a real stick. Investing time to make the transition seamless is a difficult part of the job that pays off a lot.

After this general course, it only remains to say that if you perform these tricks in an orderly and worked manner, you will be able to optimize your reel strategy in the best way and thus achieve good results.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact contact with Neoattack, a leading digital marketing agency in the industry.

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