Instagram music sticker missing: how to get it?

Instagram music sticker missing: how to get it?

Today we will discuss Instagram music sticker, which allows you to add music to a story! How does it work and what to do when the music sticker is missing? What can you do to try to get it back?

In this article, I offer you some tips and an alternative to add music to Instagram if the music sticker is not found.

Add music to an Instagram story

On June 28, 2018, Instagram announced the arrival of a new feature: the ability toadd music to a story, with the help of a sticker which gives access to a catalog of thousands of songs and instrumental pieces. The music sticker was not activated everywhere at the same time, nor in the same way everywhere (some features were only available on iOs at the start).

For add music to an Instagram story, here’s how to do it.

After choosing the image or video you want to post as a story, click on the icon to access the elements to enrich the stories (gif, weather, date, mentions, etc.).

Access Instagram stickers

Click on “Music”.

Use the Music sticker
Use the Music sticker

You can then look for a song in the catalog of songs available on Instagram and click on it to add it to the story. 15 seconds of the song are preselected by Instagram.

Piece inserted in a story
Piece inserted in a story

You then have customization options:

  • Song display (green frame on my image below) – On the most famous songs, you have a multitude of displays available: song title, single cover, lyrics (with different fonts).
  • Time of the extract (yellow box on the image below) – By moving the bar at the bottom of the screen, you can choose which extract of the song is played in your story.
  • Duration of the extract (blue square in the image below) – By clicking on the circled “15”, you can change the song’s default duration, which has a maximum of 15 seconds.
  • Color and Lyrics (red line below) – You can change the color applied to the lyrics or song name, and flag incorrect or out of line lyrics.

You can also change the size of the music sticker by “pinching” it on the screen to reduce it, or even moving it to position it at the location of your choice.

Song with lyrics in Instagram story
Song with lyrics in Instagram story

It may happen that the music sticker disappears. If you don’t want to wait quietly for it to – maybe – reappear, there are a few things you can do that have worked for some users.

I have twice experienced this problem of missing instagram music sticker for my part. It’s random… and its repair just as random, but if you don’t want to sit idly by, let’s try some solutions!

What if the Instagram music sticker is missing?

You should first know that there are certain methods that worked at the beginning, when the Instagram music sticker was launched … and which no longer work at all today.

For example, it was possible at the start of get the music sticker by going to the account of a person with access to it: we then opened an Instagram story containing music, we clicked on the title of the song and if the music stickers were available in your country, you then had a button to try the music sticker directly from the song.

Today, Instagram has removed this feature and if you click on the music in someone else’s story, you won’t see that button.

No button to recover Instagram music sticker
No button to recover Instagram music sticker

So what can you test instead?

Disconnect / reconnect

As a first step, you can simply try to disconnect and reconnect, in the same way that you restart your computer when it encounters a bug.

Click on the menu at the top of the page when you are on your profile.

Instagram options
Instagram options

Then click on Settings.

Access to settings on Instagram
Access to settings on Instagram

Then click on “Disconnect” at the bottom of the page.

Log out of an Instagram account
Log out of an Instagram account

Take the opportunity to check that your Instagram app is up to date in order to benefit from the latest news and fixes.

Reinstall the Instagram app

Another rather radical solution is to reinstall the Instagram app. A way to empty the cache and ensure that we start again on a clean configuration.

To do this, delete the app itself and reinstall it from the Play Store or the App Store.

Don’t worry, deleting the app do not delete your Instagram account. So you can try this method with confidence!

Change account type

Some users were able to fix a missing Instagram music sticker issue simply by changing the type of account: switching from a Business account to a Creator account or vice versa, temporarily switching from a Business account to a personal account.

When I lost access to my music sticker, I myself switched from a Business account to a Creator account and the sticker reappeared a few days later. I previously had an error message saying “Instagram music is not available for some accounts” so I tried this option.

Instagram music not available
Instagram music not available

To change the type of account, go to Settings from your Instagram profile, choose “Account”.

Instagram account settings
Instagram account settings

At the very bottom, you will see links for switch from one type of account to another. Just let yourself be guided.

Change your Instagram account type
Change your Instagram account type

Note that the recovery of the music sticker is never instantaneous, a few days often elapse… and this is also what makes “debugging” very difficult, because you never know what has “really worked” among everything you’ve tested.

Write to Instagram technical support

Of course, on the scale of its colossal number of users, Instagram does not respond individually to people who perform a report to technical support… But if you encounter a bug like the one with the missing Instagram music sticker, it doesn’t hurt to report it.

It proves first of all that the functionality is of interest and that Instagram has every interest in “fighting” to preserve it. In addition, if there are a lot of reports on the same problem, it can push teams to work more quickly on a solution.

You can acquire help by going to Instagram settings from your profile and choosing the “Help” menu.

The Help menu on Instagram
The Help menu on Instagram

Then click on “Report a problem”, then again “Report a problem”. You can attach a screenshot to your request.

Find a plan B to put music as a story

If you no longer have the opportunity toadd music to an Instagram story via the music sticker, you can do this via a third-party application like InShot (available on google play as well as on the App Store).

This application allows you to prepare your story in advance with the music and then upload it to Instagram.

A good way to get around the absence of the music sticker while waiting for it to make its return!

Can we really recover an missing Instagram music sticker?

I have twice been confronted with a music sticker not found problem. The first time, he came back a few days after making a ticket to technical support; the second time, a few days after changing the type of account (switching from Business to Creator).

However, I am not convinced that the sticker reappeared thanks to these attempts. Indeed, we rather have the impression thatInstagram occasionally deactivates the music sticker for some users.

I manage several Instagram accounts and at the same time, some had the sticker and some did not… which suggests to me that this is not a problem related to the application itself but rather to the accounts taken individually.

Sometimes the social network seems to have difficulty synchronizing the music and your geographic location correctly. It should be remembered that when it comes to music, there is musical rights behind each song… and that they can be tuned (or not) according to the location and other parameters (negotiations with labels, etc.).

Instagram therefore surely has, behind the scenes, ways to quickly activate / deactivate the music sticker according to certain criteria, in order to be able to respond quickly to any legal changes in music rights.

This song is not available in your region
This song is not available in your region

This is information to which, as a user, we do not have access. We do not receive no notification explaining why we don’t have the music sticker on Instagram. So the only solution may be to wait behind the scenes for Instagram to resolve whatever reason the sticker is missing.

Whatever happens, it doesn’t cost anything to try 2-3 methods to get it back, it doesn’t take a lot of time and as a user, you feel more useful by trying out solutions than by standing by. crusaders.

In addition, I also remind you that whatever the method, the sticker never comes back instantly. It is not, for example, because you switch from a personal account to a business account or vice versa that the Instagram music stick will reappear immediately. It usually takes several days or even one to two weeks.

It is very frustrating that the music of an Instagram story does not work… Because it remains an effective way to give dynamism to its contents, in particular if you do not like to speak too much in your stories and if you prefer to “give pride of place to the image”. It would be good if Instagram could give users more visibility on the reasons for the disappearance – even occasional – of a popular feature!

Have you ever encountered this problem with an Instagram music sticker not found? What solutions have worked for you? Don’t hesitate to share your tips!

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