Instagram is testing new ‘Reshare’ sticker to better highlight re-shared feed posts in Stories

Instagram is testing new ‘Reshare’ sticker to better highlight re-shared feed posts in Stories

Over the past few months, Instagram has been working to address a key issue that not all users agree is a real issue: the re-sharing of feed posts to Instagram Stories. .

Lots, lots of people and brands are doing this, posting an update to the main stream and then giving it a little more juice by adding the same image as a story as well. It happens so often that you’re probably used to it – but Instagram says a lot of users don’t like this kind of re-sharing because the duplication between the two surfaces can be a bit too much.

In January, Instagram took its first steps to address this issue, blocking some users from re-share feed posts in Stories entirely, which met with a mixed response.

Instagram softened its approach with another new test in March

, who saw the addition of tags on re-posted articles from a user’s main feed.

And it looks like Instagram is still working on the best solution – this week, app finder Alessandro Paluzzi discovered that new test, which would see the addition of a new “ Reshare ” sticker in Instagram Stories that would make it easier to re-share feed posts.

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Instagram has been working on the ‘Reshare’ sticker for the past few weeks, with Paluzzi noting it in the app’s code first. at the beginning of last month.

Instagram sharing sticker

It’s unclear how your feed post will then be displayed in your story, but the process will basically focus on making it clear that this is a reshared feed post as opposed to an original story. Which might deter people from resharing their feed updates – because, as noted, Instagram really doesn’t want users to do so.

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri recently noted exactly that – in one of his last Q&A on Friday, Mosseri posted this answer.

Adam Mosseri on Instagram Stories

It’s hard to say how many users are actually annoyed by this, but it’s clear Instagram itself sees this as a problem. Which might see him looking to restrict that sharing further in the future, or reduce the scope of the resulting stories (perhaps by dragging them into the order they’re displayed in the app).

Either way, Instagram is clearly still working on fixing this issue, and that could be a consideration for your Instagram strategy going forward, depending on how you view it.

In addition to this, Paluzzi also noted that Instagram is working on a new scheduling option for IG Live broadcasts.

Live programming on Instagram

This could be a good way to improve engagement with your IG Live broadcasts, and with the recent addition of Instagram. live stream audio only, in order to tap into the Clubhouse’s “ social audio ” trend, this could make it a more valuable consideration in your broader platform strategy.

Some interesting experiences to note anyway.

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