Instagram announces affiliate program and new star options to help provide income options for creators

Instagram announces affiliate program and new star options to help provide income options for creators

Attached to his Creators week showcase event, Instagram a ad new monetization options for creators, including a new affiliate marketing program, which will make it easier for creators to make money from product promotions, and new additions to its Stars Creator Giving process .

First, on its new affiliate program – Instagram says that in the next few months it will start testing a new ‘native affiliation tool ”, which will allow creators to discover new products available for in-app purchase, then share them with their followers and earn commissions for any subsequent purchases they drive.

As you can see here, the new process will allow creators to sign up for the new affiliate program, which will then allow them to choose from the products available in the app to add to their posts. And if users click on their post and make a purchase, the creator will receive a commission – so it’s basically an influencer marketing process without the creator having to do the negotiation or the preparatory work. to put the incentive agreement. in place.

You can also see the new “Commission Eligible” notifier at the top of the post in the second screenshot here.

It’s an interesting idea, and it will certainly open up new avenues for monetization, a key goal for every social platform amid the rise of ecommerce and the growing push to get their top creators to post more often.

But it also seems potentially risky. Through this process, it looks like the brands themselves won’t have a say in who approves their products, which could be problematic in many ways. Would you like to allow a designer with a turbulent history to promote your brand?

It’s likely that Instagram has an approval process in place for this, and if so, this could be a big step forward in helping creators make money with their Instagram posts fast and easily, which could be important. But the details seem a bit thin at this point.

Instagram says it will First test the option “with a small group of US-based designers and companies,” including Benefit, Kopari, MAC, Pat McGrath Labs, and Sephora. The program will be extended to other partners and regions in the future.

Instagram is also adding a new option that will allow users to link their existing store to their personal profile, as well as their business or creator account.

Instagram store

This will provide more opportunities for direct promotion, widening the reach of the audience – while Instagram is also adding another store option that will make it easier for creators who have their own product lines to create a new store by linking their account. to one of the four Bravado / UMG sales partners, Fanjoy, Represent and Spring).

Instagram designer stores

This will essentially streamline the platform selling process for creators, connecting directly to the vendor, instead of having to upload their own catalog and create it themselves.

Stores on personal profiles will be available starting today, while the new merchandise linking option will roll out to all eligible designers in the United States by the end of the year.

And finally, Instagram is also adding new incentive elements to its Star donation system for creators, which focuses specifically on providing payment options for live streaming broadcasters in the app.

As of this week, creators on Instagram are eligible to earn an additional payment when they reach certain milestones while using live badges, like going live with another account, while Facebook is also launching Stars Challenges. The creators of the program can earn payments from Facebook in the form of free stars if they reach certain milestones, such as broadcasting a certain number of hours or obtaining a set number of stars during the course of the program. ‘a given period.

Facebook stars

The new options will essentially provide an additional and fun element to the Stars monetization process, which will provide a financial incentive for creators to stream more often. Which is good for Facebook / Instagram, in that it will ensure that more content is available on their platforms, while also giving creators another way to make money, a win-win.

Well, probably not a win-win. No doubt Facebook will benefit more from having more content, and that won’t tip the table entirely in favor of the creator. But then again, the incentives here seem correct. In the screenshot above, it is noted that a task would reward the creator with a bonus of $ 150 if they earn 5,000 stars. 5,000 stars currently equals around $ 50, so it’s actually pretty valuable.

The push, then, is more designed to get more streamers to share more often, and if they end up making real money from their efforts, that will likely see them spreading more content, and make Facebook and Instagram a more definitive partner in their process. .

What is the real purpose of all these options. Despite Facebook’s many efforts to thwart it, TikTok continues to grow, and while Facebook hasn’t been able to crush the short video app with its scale, it can still offer better monetization and marketing options. incentive, which just might keep users from going astray, and bring more top creators to Instagram instead.

Note that Instagram is also working on a new “Bonus” payment system for the best creators of reels, which looks like the one on Snapchat Projector payment process, which currently sees Snap pdonate $ 1 million per day to top Spotlight creators to further stimulate interest in the option.

TikTok is still working on its monetization tools, and if at some point more creators realize that they had better make money from their content in other apps, that could become a tipping point. key to the platform, if it can. do not provide similar or better incentives.

This is where Instagram is heading with these new monetization tools, putting more pressure on the competition, while attracting more users to its apps.

It will work?

This will certainly prove to be a powerful lure for some, and it will be interesting to see if these options indeed provide enough incentives to dramatically improve Instagram’s creator status.

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