Increase your sales as an affiliate by offering health and wellness products

Increase your sales as an affiliate by offering health and wellness products

Health awareness and lifestyle concerns have led to an increase in demand over the past year for courses in Personal Development, Sports, Health and Spirituality.

Data from a Google study shows personal care was the order of the day throughout 2020: searches related to yoga and meditation online, for example, hit their highest peak in 5 years with an increase of 400%.

In other words, we know that products that get people to take a break and take care of themselves, that encourage improving mental and physical health and learning something to develop, can be promising and good for advertising as an affiliate.

With that in mind, we’ve released the carousel Live well in the affiliate market from Hotmart. Read on to find out more!

Offer products that provide well-being

Between June 1 and June 30, 2021, Hotmart will make a special carousel called “Live well”. Taking advantage of the fact that care is one of the watchwords of the last year, you will be able to affiliate with products related to well-being and health and you will be able to start preparing your marketing and sales strategies.

How to access the special carousel in the affiliate market

To access the carousel on the platform, just follow this path:

  1. To connect to Hotmart (if you are already logged in, just follow the rest of the steps);
  2. click on it Market in the left menu;
  3. on the carousel “Live well” click on it “See more”;
  4. Just browse the products and check which one is the most suitable for you to promote.

If you want to jump straight from here, just click below:

Tips for Getting the Most from the Living Well Carousel in the Affiliate Market

think about your audience

Whether you are new to joining or are already experienced in digital product affiliating, this advice should always be in your head: Pay attention to your audience and what they like. The success of your broadcast and its impact on your sales depends a lot on the needs of your audience. Knowing your audience will make it easier to know which products they will like and which will increase their chances of conversion.

Plan your actions well

Start by establishing a work schedule, defining how much time you will spend promoting promotional links for the product you are affiliated with. Set specific tasks, like blogging or posting on social media, to stay focused and become more productive. Remember that planning goes far beyond creating an agenda, you should also set financial goals that will help guide your work. Finally, always have a pen and paper to write everything down and get organized.

Make an effort to promote the products you are affiliated with

Disclosure is one of the most important steps in achieving your goal of increasing your sales. It is very important to diversify the channels of communication with the customer. Use and abuse social media, blog posts, emails, communities, advertisements, etc. A word of advice: whatever you choose, create quality content. Do your best and convince your audience to buy from you.

to start to work

It’s always good to remember that you need to get organized and start working as early as possible. So get started now! Define the best strategy to promote the product you have chosen, start implementing the actions and campaigns you have planned, in the channels you have chosen to work. In the end, don’t forget to measure results and prepare for future campaigns, always asking yourself what you can improve.

Choose your product now and happy sales!

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