In 3 months I will have the investor tool ready

In 3 months I will have the investor tool ready

This week and last week, we made significant progress in building the Investor Tool. In less than 3 months it should finally be available.

Some time ago I threw up the idea of ​​wanting to launch some sort of investment fund for Lego. I have had the idea in my head for a long time, but this is the first time that I have taken concrete actions to move forward.

Now it finally looks like my existing investors (who are my brothers) will finally be able to send an access where they can see their results from the last 6 months. This is an important step forward because it finally puts me in a position to manage the money of third parties who do not belong to my family.

Lego for me is a safe investment

While I can finally do it, I won’t go crazy looking for investors. I will do everything step by step. Likewise, to begin with, I will accept 2-3 investors who want to try. The management of third party money is something that must be taken very seriously and that is why I did not want to start now despite several proposals already on the table.

I still think Lego is a “safe” bet. I put it with “” because we all know there is definitely nothing in life but let’s say I feel very comfortable with it. I have been investing for over 12 months and have been buying and selling Lego for 5 years. At first, I was buying what Youtubers recommended me to follow in their videos. Now I don’t expect any new videos to be released anymore. In fact, I see later that many present the same products that I have in my stores.

I have a minimum ROI of 50% in 72 months

Being conservative, I see that it is quite feasible to reach 50% in 3 years, which would be an annual interest of 14%. I actually want to be a lot better than that, but it’s not about setting your expectations too high.

In the scenario described, a purchase would be made in year zero, it is stored, and three years later it is sold. Subtract all commissions for the investor must remain at least 50%.

The practice will be a little different. In fact, I doubt that 100% of Lego takes 3 years to “mature”. Much of my investment in Lego is already on the verge of being able to achieve an attractive ROI after 12 months. This is why the idea would be to repeat the game and reinvest what is sold after 12 months but it will be the decision of the investor.

Don’t tell investors, but in fact my “hidden” goal is that an investor after 3 years has doubled his initial capital. ;)

It. There are few left. Once the tool is ready, we’ll see how to do it. Step by step.

Stay tuned.


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