I spent $200 on Pinterest Ads…here’s what happened (TUTORIAL & RESULTS)

I spent $200 on Pinterest Ads…here’s what happened (TUTORIAL & RESULTS)

✅ I spent 200$ on Pinterest Ads … Here’s what happened | Shopify Dropshipping

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In this Video Oscar Schnell takes 200$ and spends it on a Pinterest Ads campaign for a Shopify dropshipping store. With his marketing experience, but no Pinterest Ads experience Oscar shows some very interesting results after letting the Pinterest conversion campaign run for 2 days.

00:00-01:55 Introduction on Pinterest Ads
01:56-03:30 Pinterest Ads Demographic
03:31-04:09 Expectations of Pinterest Ads
04:10-06:40 Product & Store
06:41-08:18 Pinterest Ads Campaign
08:19-09:18 Results
09:19-11:21 Conclusion of Results
11:22 Final Words on Pinterest Ads

Oscar Schnell is a young marketer with knowledge in social media, the creation of digital content, e-commerce, SEM, and SMM campaigns.

Oscar has multiple years of experience in building successful dropshipping e-commerce stores and scaling them using SMM.
He builds, grows, and monetizes social media accounts using SMM fully automated.

Oscar Schnell is the founder of the marketing agency Schnell Agency. With a focus on SEM-optimized web design, the marketing agency founded in 2019 was soon able to achieve outstanding success for its customers.

Aside from managing his business, Oscar has provided mentorship to thousands of students around the world.

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