Hulu, Magnum, Bahlsen, MotorK e Groupe Renault

Hulu, Magnum, Bahlsen, MotorK e Groupe Renault

  • Hulu changes its look and aims to simplify the identity of the platform while maintaining the audacity that viewers know and love
  • Magnum’s brand refresh evolves the idea of ​​pleasure
  • Bahlsen unveiled a distinctive new look along with one of the biggest developments in the brand’s identity in 132 years of business
  • MailUp Group changes its name and becomes Growens: growth and technological innovation at the center
  • The rebranding of MotorK based on three fundamental pillars: innovation, technology and dynamism
  • Groupe Renault changes identity and logo to evoke modernity and internationality

In a world where trends are constantly changing, it can be difficult to maintain a lively and always up-to-date corporate image. The rebranding it is that process capable, among other things, of repositioning brands and companies on the market by updating the visual aspect. Let’s find out the main redesign projects of the month of April.

New identity for Hulu

Hulu changes its look and aims to simplify the identity of the platform while maintaining the audacity that viewers know and love.

An ancient Chinese proverb describes Hulu as the “keeper of precious things”. This fundamental discovery became the basis for the brand’s new design.

Creating a design system that unifies the entire customer journey was one of the main challenges of the rebranding followed by the studio DixonBaxi


hulu rebrand

At the heart of the system is a very simple idea, the Vessel, which takes the recognizable rounded corners of the logo and creates a frame. A move that is not revolutionary and shocking, but which represents an excellent starting point for building a complete system through a common thread.

The Vessel is a design and a adaptive narrative system, which perfectly connects brand and product. It triggers conversations and serves as a guide that connects the stories we love the most. Transform the brand from a charismatic storyteller to a premium expression.

The new identity is powered by 4 global design principles covering brand, product, campaign and strategic leadership. These fundamentals express the need to put history first, to be warm and delightful, to do it differently and to be simply essential.

“We wanted to keep these elements, learn from them, develop a new story, a new set of design principles and a system that brings brand and product together like never before,” he says. Astrid D’Hondt design director of DixonBaxi.

Hulu green, a key differentiator of the brand, is further enriched by put even more emphasis on the stories. To celebrate the colors of the show and the contents, the color palette has been expanded with deeper shades.

Brand identity is simplified from two typefaces to one for the whole experience. Graphics in all its burdens it carries character, swagger and style. Bold icons help viewers find their way around Hulu and also appear in marketing to add expression to images.

Magnum refreshes the visual identity

Summer is almost upon us and the ice cream brand Magnum for the new season he decided to update his visual identity. The new look, created in collaboration with Sunhouse, mira ad evolve the concept linked to pleasure.

The rebranding was driven by the need to regain the distinctive character of the brand and differentiate it from its competitors.

The new logo is an inverted version of the old one with the brown frame and the gold letters flipped to create a gold disc with the words now engraved in chocolate brown. Try to represent Magnum’s iconic status in the ice cream sphere.

Like a gold stamp literally, it gives that simple and clean feeling and mood.

In terms of packaging, the design is actually a lot more fun than the elegance of the logo would suggest. The packages embody Magnum’s new concept of pleasure.

Bold colors and patterns, the new graphic eliminates the dividing lines and borders that delimit the boxes, allowing the graphic to reach the edges and giving a sense of freedom.

Bahlsen cookies have a new look

Bahlsen, the German family-owned biscuit company based in Hanover, has unveiled a distinctive new look along with one of the biggest developments in the brand’s identity in 132 years of business.

The advent of a new generation of the Bahlsen family taking the reins is an opportunity for tell a new story behind the brand.

In addition to the new look, the relaunch includes a new positioning strategy of the brand and marketing, supported by a substantial investment in various media such as TV, digital channels, print and social media.

This new contemporary positioning was designed to appeal to a broad consumer base, nurture existing customers, and make it easier for new people to discover the brand.


The redesign passes from the renewal of the logo and from that of the blue that today appears different and more consistent. The project also includes the development of new packs for more than 80 products.

All the design elements, from the writings to the finishes, from the colors to the materials, were chosen with the aim of preserve the artisan spirit, celebrate the beauty and goodness of the cookie and add premium and distinctive elements.

MailUp Group changes its name and becomes Growens

MailUp Group leader in the field of cloud marketing technologies changes its name and becomes Growens. The new name hides a new mission: to carry growth and technological innovation to customers and investors around the world.

The renaming project goes hand in hand with theupdating of the positioning, mission and purpose of the company, developed to better represent the identity of an international group today made up of 5 business units and with a portfolio of solutions no longer linked only to email technologies.

MailUp, the historic business unit specialized in Email Marketing and which gave birth to the Group, will continue to maintain its identity.

“The decision to change its name and adopt ‘Growens’ has matured over time between us founding members of MailUp Group and is linked to our evolution, from a startup in the Cremonese province to an integrated industrial group that creates technologies for organizations that wish to communicate effectively with its customers. The new name reflects more our constant drive for growth, also in external lines, ”he says Nazzareno Gorni, CEO and founder of MailUp Group.

The name is simple and evocative and combines the English root “grow” with a Latin suffix “-ens”, creating a neologism that represents a fundamental trait of the corporate culture. With “Grow”, in fact, we refer to a path of growth and development, characterizing trait of the approach and history of society, which began in 2002. “Ens”, on the other hand, recalls the Latin ending of the present participle which indicates being active agent of an action.
The objective of the change is to underline the new mission: to bring growth and technological innovation to customers and investors around the world.

The rebranding of MotorK

After 10 years MotorK, a leading company in Europe in the digital automotive sector, changes its logo. A restyling expression of a digital revolution based on three fundamental pillars: innovation, technology and dynamism.

MotorK thus gives itself a more current, contemporary and elegant image and in line with its premium positioning as the only cloud-native provider capable of combining digital and automotive.

The new brand identity is part of an ambitious growth path that is summarized in the payoff “Sparking the automotive world”. Therefore, illuminating the automotive sector with the spark of digitalization with the dual objective, on the one hand, to help the sector to lead the digital revolution providing cutting-edge solutions and tools on the other strengthen and increase the technological offer for its partners.


“After 10 years in business, MotorK is evolving keeping pace with the challenges and opportunities posed by digital technologies, and the new future-proof branding represents the will to continue to best meet the needs of our customers and a sector to whose transformation we want to continue to contribute ”, he declared Marco Marlia, CEO and co-founder of the company.

The new graphic project embraces all the brand architecture which is now more harmonious. Starting with the MotorK logo, minimalist and flat, which presents itself with a more vibrant and bright red color variation supported by a palette of grays and blacks, to convey dynamism and projection towards the future. The rebranding culminates in the redesign of the website redesigned according to the new guidelines of the brand.

Groupe Renault has a new identity

Always to remain in the automotive sector, Renault group initiates a rebranding process that evokes modernity and internationality.


A few days after the strategy was announced Renaulution, the transformation of the company continues in a completely new dimension.

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The group’s ambitious identity is encapsulated in a more majestic logo with a elegant and sober character. Like a beating heart, the icon and logo seem to vibrate.

A symbol of mobility that changes and evolves, and of the passion that animates the men and women who work for society.

Movement propagates and vibrates throughout the visual identity, emerging strongly and resonating in the saturated information of the digital age.

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