HR digitization at the heart of business performance

HR digitization at the heart of business performance

According to Dell Technologies’ Digital Transformation Index 2020, 71% of French companies have accelerated their digital transformation programs. The health crisis and its corollary confinement led them to replace fixed workstations with laptops equipped with collaborative tools and videoconferences and the dematerialization of exchanges has become essential within companies which have been forced to generalize the telework without having anticipated it. Government measures have been put in place to support companies in their work to digitize and go all-digital.

Scan documents

Digitization cannot be improvised! Digitization within human resources saves a considerable amount of time, but this must be recognized once it is already well advanced. But where the problem is that it is a question of digitizing all the documents so as not to be encumbered with tons of paper on a daily basis and to respect nature and this work turns out to be a very time-consuming action. Certainly, digitization offers the opportunity to create a database that can be used for other needs. And this turns out to be a real time saver for the departments which can carry out internal studies. If digitization saves time for HR, it is also an ecological practice. Companies are positioning themselves in a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) transition because the fact of no longer printing many pages very regularly contributes to an ecological policy. It is better to scan the documents and distribute them by email, not only will you save time and money, but you will also be more environmentally friendly.

Recruit experts or service providers specializing in digitization

Digitization requires having digital experts that can be found within the company or that it will be necessary to hire digital leaders to lead the digital transformation strategy.

Create a digital culture within the company

It will be a question of precisely determining the various services that will be affected by the transformation, and preparing them for it. Teams will undoubtedly need to merge, or to communicate, to accommodate new digital-based work procedures.
The corporate culture must be rethought and remodeled according to the digitization to come, in particular in terms of skills and procedures. The tools to be used, best practices, and employee exchange and relationship habits will change significantly. The corporate culture must be gradually changed to adapt to this new technology, to the applications and to the software adopted, as well as to make room for a new organization of work that integrates these elements.

Adapt the organization chart to digitalization

A new organization chart will be required. It will therefore be necessary to set up and adopt new processes. The appropriate job descriptions must be drawn up, so that the positions officially evolve into an appropriate form. It is necessary to identify and put in place KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) which will make it possible to gauge the progress of the transformation and the quality of its implementation in the company.
Finally, we must ensure as and when the changes related to digitization are well integrated and accepted by the employees and the management of the company.

A positive point : new hires are more easily integrated into the company thanks to the digitization of processes and tools which, for example, allow them to have the information necessary for their integration within clicks of a button, but also to have up-to-date information.

Support the digital transformation of the company with the right tools

Choose the right tools to carry out the digital transformation of a company, it’s essential. We must therefore take the time to test different software and applications, different hardware, before adopting them definitively. Their characteristics must offer the best solutions to the needs of the company in terms of development, management and customer experience. In order not to forget anything, we must focus the transformation on the following three poles:

  • mobiles
  • the cloud
  • social networks.

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