How Yaiza grew her business using YouTube

How Yaiza grew her business using YouTube

When we talk about undertaking a content marketing strategy, it is inevitable that doubts arise: How come? Where to start? Which story to connect?

Yaiza Redlights is a digital content creator, co-founder and CEO of, a space dedicated to affective-sexual education and the sale of erotic toys.

In this presentation, Yaiza told us the secret of her success and how this adventure has evolved over time. He did it at our event ProMarketingDay, April 6, 2019. Through a natural and powerful message.

Its presentation will not leave you indifferent, which is why we have summarized it for you in this article. Shall we warm up with Yaiza and her Red lights?

Yaiza’s 3 Decisions to Turn Her Life 180 Degrees

Before talking about success, we have to talk about decisions. And we don’t just say it. Yaiza told us that he lived it in his flesh and that his 3 key decisions were his shuttle.

  • The first decision was to move to England, without speaking English and with one hand in front and the other behind.
  • The second was to return to Spain.
  • And, finally, the third was to embark on undertake.

Getting started was the easiest way for Yaiza; he told us thatHe had lost any fears that might remain after facing them in a life experience that was impossible to forget.

And Redlights’ starting gun was the creation of your own YouTube channel, with content marketing from scratch, due to at the Erotic Salon of Barcelona in October 2015.

1. From selling at a fair without stock to growing on a YouTube channel

Yaiza and her partner had an e-commerce with dropshipping. They sold erotic toys and were planted in the erotic salon in Barcelona for the first time with the intention of selling Out of stock.

For that, they had their friend Paula, winner of a famous TV show which, at the time, was in full swing and who helped them as a spontaneous influencer.

However, Yaiza’s partner, after the erotic Barcelona show, encouraged her to open a Youtube channel for his interesting way of explaining toys. A GoPro and a rollup, Y they started recording.

Yaiza began to record being herself and nothing else. Without branding or weird designs. He said what he wanted, without planning anything and “with what he was wearing”.

His magnet was in his particular way of explaining erotic toys, which led him to grow little by little and better control social networks over time.

2. The key ingredients of Yaiza’s success

Yaiza had no idea that YouTube or Instagram were tools with such potential. He didn’t have a plan or anything like that.

Quite simply, she achieved numbers and growth thanks to what she called her three key “success” ingredients: the ignoring, the originality and the desire.

  1. The ignoring led her to be the most spontaneous person on YouTube.
  2. Talking about sex on YouTube – which nobody did – got her to be original.
  3. Their desire they kept her afloat, despite the fact that sometimes filming was difficult.

Yaiza took more than 8 months to create a community of 1000 subscribers, which today can be very long. And it is that being original, ignorant and spontaneous has a price.

In addition, he concluded by pointing out to the audience that creating a community is very difficult when you don’t have a plan, strategy or goals behind it.

3. The collaboration that turned the tide no mark

In 2017, Yaiza took a step forward that marked a before and after in her career as a CEO and in her life as a person.

In a collaboration with other YouTubers, whose channel was much larger than his own, he shared his experience as child sexual abuse survivor: sHer cousin abused her from 4 to 9 years old.

This generated a strong Emotional impact in the audience who heard it.

The key to a successful business with a personal brand is vulnerability.

Yaiza shared her experience to heal herself. However, it worked because nice to meet you. This way people stopped buying from her or buying a product to start. support a cause.

Best URL ShortenersHow Redlights evolved through strategy

Considering the scale of the project, it was clear that they could not continue to improvise.

They created a new YouTube channel: RedLights Tv, who came out strong and garnered 40,000 views on “how to do the best oral sex”, 30,000 on “discover the best positions” and over 8,000 subscribers in just 3 weeks.

It was no longer thanks to ignorance, desire or originality, but to an SEO team who guided him on what people were looking for and raised the marketing strategy adequate.

However, nothing would have worked without keeping these 3 values ​​that made them grow In the beginning.

Marketing is wonderful, but if you realize it, humanize brands it is a real necessity. And what we need to do is stop buying brands and start buying people.

forms of advertisingHow Redlights connects to the world

A brand becomes more than just a brand when it is able to connect with people, leave a mark that is difficult to erase and generate a sense of genuine belonging.

You can’t convey what you claim, so have fun. If you can’t get yourself excited, no one will get you excited either. And pretending is not sustainable.

Over time, in Redlights, they discovered that YouTube was not enough, Instagram was hitting it, and much more valuable content needed to be delivered to the web.

Changes happen quickly, you have to be aware of what is happening and even anticipate the situation. However, what should not change in any way is your brand values.

The CEO explained that her values ​​of inclusion, respect for rights and diversity were reflected in everything the brand has planned and launched. But this was not born of a strategy, but of a real social need.

Yaiza ended her speech by emphasizing the importance of including more emotions in marketing.

EThe world needs more realities and there is nothing in the world that connects as much as what is in the heart. “

ASO App logo and screenshotsconclusion

Yaiza started from scratch, knowing nothing about marketing but working from authenticity, spontaneity and enthusiasm. Over time, he has managed not only to thrive on social media, but also to learn from his mistakes while maintaining his original values.

Originality, vulnerability and desire were part of the unanticipated strategy that gave him the most results.

And he ended with one of the big statements from ProMarketingDay 2019: human marks are what remains.

Do you want to participate in PRO Marketing DAY?

final logos promarketingday-07If you weren’t able to attend the meeting held in April 2019, stay tuned as we come back with more presentations, more real-time hands-on exercises, and more online marketing strategies.

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