How to write an exceptional blog post?

How to write an exceptional blog post?

Guest article written by Jennifer, copywriter and trainer.

Bill Gates once said: “ content is king ».

This entrepreneur founded a multi-billion dollar empire. I think he knows what he’s talking about. What did he mean, Bill?

That to succeed, there is only one solution: you have to write useful, powerful, magnetic content.

There then the success machine kicks in:

  1. credibility
  2. authority
  3. visibility
  4. sales

Want to know how to write a compelling blog post? It’s this way.

Step 1: Give the reader what they want

You may turn the problem all over the place, writing articles that no one is interested in will lead to failure.

The first step to follow if you want a blog that is successful, with a loyal audience and who asks for more, is to write content for your readers. Forget Google, Bing, Yahoo & Co for now, they won’t help you bond with your visitors.

What you need is to hit the nail on the head. Press where it hurts. To provoke an emotion, to stir guts. And for that, it’s very stupid, you need an avatar.

A what ?

An avatar. A person. Your ideal prospect if you prefer.

But beware, a vague idea is not enough. You need a really detailed portrait, with:

  • a first name
  • an age
  • a job
  • hobbies
  • a family situation
  • dreams
  • etc.

Don’t skimp on the details: the more, the better. You can even create a visual using online tools like Hubspot.

Step 2: Write an article title that prompts you to click

Tell me…

When an Internet user lands on a search page, what attracts them to your site?

The designs?


Your personality ? No more.

Quite simply: the title.

This is the only item you need to focus on. And not just when writing a blog post. Whether it’s a video, a Facebook ad, a podcast … it all starts with a captivating title.

Very good, but what is the ideal title? Well, it’s a title that:

  • presents a benefit
  • is addressed directly to your target
  • contains a figure (the bigger it is, the more the perceived value is multiplied)
  • includes one or more magic words
  • is neither too short nor too long to satisfy Google and give send
  • is clair and get straight to the point

Here we are, we are OK.

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Step 3: structure the blog post to create envy

Search Engines Love organized content. Robots see more clearly, indexing is faster … And to write a blog article that makes both Google bots and readers want, you are going to use sexy h2-h6 tags.

Because we must remember one thing: it is not because the Internet user has arrived on your page that everything is won. The more the years go by, the more the time of inattention drops dangerously. It’s up to you to keep your reader as long as possible with enticing AND optimized subtitles:

  1. It will help “scanner” readers to understand what your text is about
  2. You will maintain the interest until the end

Say you have a blog about gardening and your article explains “How to Create the Most Beautiful Vegetable Garden in Your Neighborhood?”

Instead of this subtitle:

“Colors available for perennial flowers”

Write this subtitle:

“3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Perennial Color Palette Easily”

Once you’ve written your captions, go through them and ask yourself this:

“If I only read the subtitles, does this content make me want, useful and quality?”

If you answer no, modify them until you get the desired effect.

Step 4: Engage the Reader with Copywriting Techniques

The copywriting, this is the art of persuading with words. The copywriter uses powerful persuasive levers to convince a prospect to buy a product, subscribe to a newsletter, etc.

Robert Cialdini, in his bestseller Influence and Manipulation lists the 6 ways to influence people, whether on the internet or in real life:

  1. The reciprocity : When someone does you a favor, gives you a favor, you secretly feel indebted, for fear of making yourself look bad.
  2. L’commitment and consistency : we are consistent with our past actions and commitments. For example, if you have bet money on something, you tend to believe that you made the right choice.
  3. The social proof : the human being acts according to the behavior of others. If 18,000 people subscribe to a blog, I will believe in its expertise and I will subscribe myself.
  4. The sympathy : We tend to take something (a sale, a tip, etc.) from someone we like. If people like you, they will gladly buy from you.
  5. L’authority : we are inclined to listen to and follow an authority figure, even if it is against our own will. I will listen to my doctor who tells me to lose weight because he is a doctor.
  6. The scarcity : a rare product / object / person has more value in our eyes. Copywriters use this leverage in their sales pitch by giving a purchase deadline, for example.

You might be wondering what copywriting is doing on an SEO blog? Or even what copywriting has to do with writing blog posts. Copywriting: what are the real benefits for my business?

I’ll explain that to you right away.

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SEO + copywriting: the recipe for writing a magnetic blog post?

When looking to write a blog post that appeals to you, you often think of writing content optimized to position itself well.

It’s a good habit to take. Even if you are a newbie blogger. However, there is a catch.

Because creating SEO content will help you be visible and get a click, of course. But once the visitor arrives, do you think simple keywords will captivate him ? To produce this WAHOU effect that will make him come back?

Little chance. It will just be one optimized article among heaps of optimized articles.

On the other hand, if you are using copywriting techniques for writing an irresistible blog post, but that you abandon SEO. How will you be found on the internet?

The solution ? Combine optimized writing + copywriting tips.

I use this method for my own articles. Result: I am visible on Google and my readers love to read me. Look instead:

Messages like that, I have a dime a dozen.

Hypnotic Article Training

If writing articles that appeal to both Google and your readers tells you, I created a training course on the subject. On the “Hypnotic Article” program:

    • The fundamental step for write articles that really interest
    • Ma little known method for write SE0 articles
    • The 7 articles to write to make yourself known, establish your expertise and create a link with your audience
    • How to generate 52 weeks of content (and more) quickly and effortlessly ?
    • 7 tips for writing “click magnet” headlines
    • The psychological levers to get clicks for sure
    • The method for create articles faster, without dispersing
    • Comment captivate the reader and keep him going thanks to copywriting?

In practice :

  • 5h18 of video content
  • 5 modules
  • 4 bonuses (checklist of points to check before publishing, Le Coffre Fort: a list of 510 powerful words, 39 title models to copy, 1h24 tutorial video “how I write an optimized article starting from a blank page” ).

Click here to learn more and register for the training.

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